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This new drug for metastatic CRC was approved by the FDA yesterday. My question is can anyone tell me in plain English what this drug is and how it works.

Does it need to be used in combo with existing CRC drugs?

I want to ask the onc about it for George but would like some information before I go in there so I know what I am talking about in case he decides to talk medical talk (which he usually doesn't).

George is really beaten down by the Camptosar (CPT-11) so perhaps this is an option he can use to get a break from the bad stuff.

Thanks all


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Hi Tina,

Rick was scheduled for this drug through a trial before the latest surgery. Unfortunately, the drug is not bring prescribed in the US at this time, only through ongoing trials. We were told that their are 100 going on now throughout the country. You can find lots of info. On this drug if you Google it. It's bring used as an alternative if Avastin fails. It has the same nasty side effects and prolongs life about 1 month longer than Avastin.

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Hi Tina,
It is an oral chemo that targets both angiogenesis (like avastin) and tumor prolifieration. As an antiangiogenic drug it inhibits two VEGF receptors (2 and 3). As a direct anti-tumor drug it blocks a number of receptors known to be involved in tumor growth (RAF, RET, KIT, PDGFR) It is similar to other multi kinase inhibitors used for other cancer types, SUTENT for kidney and GIST, Gleevec for leukemia, etc.
You take the pill daily for three weeks, then a week off. You can look for potential side effects on the web, but most common is fatigue and hand/foot syndrome. Not much GI.
HOpe George is doing well. My Christopher is back on folfiri, but lung nodules have been stable for almost 5 years now. If this fails, Regorafenib might be next for us too.
Take care,

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