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My onc approved multi vitamins, vitamin c and d. He told me not to take the other vitamins I bought saying they don't know how they effect chemo. What are your thoughts on this?

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Well here is my two cents: I used to take a number of vitamins/supplements prior to starting chemo in April 2011. My onc asked me to stop everything except the 50,000 IUs of VitD he perscribed. He said he wanted to make sure the chemo had a chance to work without any complications from vit/supp. I'm ok with being off everything. My bloodwork is great so it doesn't bother me. My wife feeds me lots of organic food and juices so I'm pretty sure I'm getting a good amount of vitamins and nutrients.
My best to you,
Ron of SharonVegas

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We buy the vitamins separate and mix.

I consider classic multivitamins less compatible with 5FU based treatments, because of the folic acid content aggravates the toxicity without proportionate gain against the cancer. The human type active ingredient formulas with natural type folate, L-5MTHF, seem better. Or eating foods high in natural folate for this.

We add large scale, specialized vitamin versions for an oral 5FU prodrug alone (no oxi- or iri-)except vit A, get that from food like liver, and caretenoids. Especially outside the day before and after heavy treatments, we look beyond staid doctors who show no real subject interest for additional nutrient information.

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I am on Folfox6 ...my onc has me taking a multivitamin...started it after treatment number 4. He wanted to wait before starting a multivitamin until after he had several reviews of my labs.


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