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Pet scan results not so good, it may be time to fight again

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I have been very hesitant to post this because i hate bad news. But here goes i got my 3 month pets results on monday they showed no signs of cancer in my throat (original dx with tonsil stage iv with lympnodes). They did however find a spot on my lung about the size of a dime i have a biopsy scheduled for next thursday.
In truth I'm very anxious,sad,afraid,mad,determined,tired. I was really hoping to be finished and continue to heal up and figure out my new normal .
I wondering can this be beat of am i screwed? I have read that when it spreads the lungs the prognosses is not very good. I know you guys can't answer wether or not I will do well.
I went to the lung cancer forum and did some reading, scary stuff.
i just had to let you guys know, you all feel like family to me.

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Hi Nick,

Remember these first scans pick up hot spots that are nothing. I will be hoping for you that this is one of those times.

Prayers to you,


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for a veteran warrior such as yourself, mad and determined are good. the tired, sad...will pass, and you'll turn that mad/determined back into fight.
you can beat it!
p.s. might be a good idea to stay away from scary stuff on the lung cancer forums.

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I havven't had mine yet but they warned me about hot spots, they said if there was any infection or inflammation it could show up. So until we hear otherwise, I am thinking positive that it is nothing. Try to stay positive and I will be praying for you.

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We just got thru this battle...of course you're anxious, sad, afraid, mad, determined and tired....WTH, we're just babies in the recovery aspect. Here's what I'd be telling myself...that this is the first PET after treatment (the PET that can easily have false positives)...that many things light up, I know that there can spots in the lung that are NOT cancer...I'd be clinging to "it's not cancer till somebody says it is!!"...I'm tucking you into my pocket now, get some of those prayers and positive Mojo going early...

If I have it my way, nobody from our bus is getting back on any buses....


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Nick,, so sorry to hear that....we are all here for you, and will be praying it was a nothing hotspot.

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I picked it up from this site -- It ain't cancer til they say it's cancer.

I have been wondering how you were doing. You and my husband have same diagnosis and I think same treatment, you're about 20 years younger though. I remember reading your posts and being impressed how well you were doing.

Prayers for no cancer and prayers for strength and healing. You've still got a lot of fight in you. Just reach down deep and grab it.


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your primary was HPV 16 positive. If you have an isolated lung metastasis, you still have a chance of cure. All you can do is put one foot in front of the other and keep a positive attitude. Best of fortune to you, my friend.


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Thanks guys, and yes you are correct i was HPV+.

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Like mentioned bro, it's not cancer until they tell you that it is... So get those thoughts out of your head.

Nothing but positive thoughts Nick....

You definitely have my prayers, and hopes that it isn't anything serious.

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D Lewis
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Once more -

It aint cancer till they say its cancer...

Stay strong, and believe.


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D Lewis
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:) Keep hanging in there...


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D Lewis
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I swear I only hit the send button ONCE...


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Pam M
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Hope you're in the majority here - seems like (thank goodness) the majority of folks here who have suspicious spots in/on lungs turn out to NOT have cancer there. Wish I could tell you what to do for the next week (more than a week - do you know when you'll get results?) to keep you from losing your mind.

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Pam, my onco said it takes 48 hours for results since it's on a Thursday, i imagine I find out the following monday.

And I know it's not C until they say s but dang if the thoughts are running throughout my mind, i trying super hard to be positive and enjoy every minute i can with my family and "grab happy" (one of the members here said that....Great saying).

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I wish there was something magical here I could say to make you not worry...the fear and stress from what your PET/CT revealed is so normal. When I scan thru the posts on this board and recalling what all I have seen and read, so many were falst positives. And with HPV+ 16 you do have an opportunity for cure (note the word cure) IF it even is cancer.

I consider you and all the others family on this site...I know it does not help you not be worried / afraid / angery or sad. I just hate you have to go several days with your mind racing ..stay busy my friend, do some things with your family...but I know easier said than done to get this out of your mind.

I only have prayer to offer other than I care, so hang in there and just keep pushing forward ....

I did not just whisper a prayer before I hit the post comment button, I stopped, bowed my head and asked the good Lord to give you a clean biopsy.



Now I hit post comment

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Thanks Tim, I'll take your advice and try to stay busy....i spent most of the last two days in bed like a lump on the log. Tomorrow I'll make it a point to get up and get out. Thanks for your prayers.

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Sending positive thoughts and prayers...

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Remember you don't have lung cancer you probably still have the original that is mets. It is not horrible news but a set back. Many people were successful beating with more chemo and it was not as bad as having the rads with chemo. So pull yourself up and you can beat this. Good luck! My husbands spread to the liver which was his demise, but that is not you!!

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Tonsil Dad
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Joined: Dec 2011

Stay true to your faith Nick and believe that its not what
you think. The mind is a very powerful thing. It must be
hard but stay positive, as the posts say it ain't C until they
say it is.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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Don't ever assume something about tests. Wait until you get the actual results and then move like heck to get it cured. You can do this! Stay focused on your fight and we are all behind you.
All the best

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Saying a prayer that the results come back favorable. I'm sorry you are going thru this right now. Try and stay positive and busy until you get the actual results. Keep us posted.

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A PET 3 months out can produce hot spots. A spot on the lung is not necessarily cancer. I pray in your case that it is not. Stay positive!

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that all our dear friends have not already said. Diane bought me a book about folks and their cancer adventures and the one that sticks out to me was the 90 year old lady who had beaten the beast 3 times. So there is always hope, but I like you feel after the initial dx and shock we pull up our britches and fight the fight, all in hopes we will find we beat the SOB and we then heal and move on. We then share our adventure with others and live with our new abi-normal. But to deal with it again, wow just something we do not want to do, at least initially. Although we will stick with "It aint cancer until its cancer" and I expect that will be the case just try your best to get up, scream if you need to hit something if you must but then get ready to deal with what ever comes your way. I go in on the 3rd of October for my CT scan, already dealing with the scanxiety folks talk about, although no fancy computer has looked me over, seems all the little aches and pains I have wow I think is that a tumor?????? Diane told me It aint till it Is. I guess we all will be a little skittish as part of our abi-normal. So please post when you get your all clear on the lung(as if I had to ask) God Bless you Nick. I to shot a prayer out on your behalf, but Gods answering machine said press 1 to pray for Nick then it said all lines were busy please call back. Wow that just shows how many prayers were sent on your behalf. I know keep my day job.

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Posts: 195
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Thanks Everyone for your prayers and well wishes. In exactly one week I'll be laying on a table getting my biopsy done. I hope and pray i can return with good news :)

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I haven't had my first post-treatment scan yet, but these seem to be tough weeks on the forum. As everyone else here, I really hope that your spot is just a fluke. Waiting is hardest part of the fight.. Best of luck, Nick!


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I'm pulling for you...and praying all comes out fine with the biopsy. No matter what gets thrown at us we need to push through it ! I did the same thing recently only on colon cancer. Until we get results...leave it to the doctors. Nick, you have been so brave and have come so far, stay positive. And you are defineately a part of the family here ! Regards, Katie

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Seems like we are in similar situations, I had a lung nodule that grew a bit, on Monday of this week I had a needle biopsy done, no results yet, maybe tomorrow. The big difference between me and you is that I am 3 years and 3 months out from treatment. If we have to fight again, we fight again, but I hold on to it aint till it is. Denis

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