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Some background: My wife has Stg4 Myoepithelial Carcinoma. Original tumor removed from her parotid gland along with rads in 2007. Hundreds of small mets in both lungs and one large met in the liver discovered in 2009. Progression of the disease has been slow but persistent. She has recently developed a persistent dry cough. Nothing we've tried seems to provide much relief. Anybody had any luck controlling thier cough? If so, with what?


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I assume that all the standard remedies have been tried? Something no one seems to remember is that codeine by itself is an excellent drug formcough.m Wide safety margin, not really even very addictive. The way it is used is to just gradually increase the dose until coughingnisnsuppressed. If you get too much you just get sleepy. If you try this what I recommend is to be careful not to o verdose on acetominophen ( as in tylenol # whatever). And just take one or two tablets every hour or so until it is effective, thereby establishing what dose is needed.

Sorry for the difficulty.


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I can't give anything on this, no experience or knowledge...but Pat does...and hope that helps...just wanted to respond to you knew we cared. :)


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