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Thinking about you, did your platelets come up and did you get chemo this week? I hope everything is good.
Sandy :)

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Thank you for thinking of me. Finally got chemo this week but the lowered the dose. Getting shots for the WBC but for the platelets it's a wait and see. Hopefully the lower dose will work. This is only my third chemo. How are you feeling?

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My chemo. was reduced once because of fatigue, nothing to do with my blood counts, and it wasn't by my oncologist, it was done when I saw an oncologist that was covering for my onc. Actually the lowered dose made me feel sooooo much better physically. It was amazing how even a bit of a lowered dose was a huge difference.

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I am on #6 Folfox and got the 5FU disconnected today. I feel like crap, ran over by a truck. Nausea, diarrhea, and mouth hurts. It just hurts to talk. I feel like each treatment it gets progressively worse. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. I would like to at least have every other week to look forward to feeling good. I'm so glad you got treatment this week. Let us know how you do with it. Tomorrow morning I have my first CT scan since surgery. Onc promised to call with results tomorrow, I told him I would not wait until Monday appt.
Sandy :)

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Get some script for LOMOTIL, it stops diarrhea. Good luck.

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Vicki... I am getting Neulasta after each treatment... When they disconnect the pump. I'm. On Folfox6 ... Thi week was treatment #5... I did okay...just mainly lack of appetite and mouth issues. The Neulasta did the trick this last time... #4 was delayed a week because of low WBC. I am taking Claritin to counteract some of the Neulasta side-effects. I am fortunate that some of the awful side effects of Folfox have gone away for now...I can deal with this for now. I hop your platelets come up and that your WBC is good.


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