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Have any of you had the BRAC 1 or BRAC 2 test done, or, your daughters?

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I've read where some insurance companies will pay for it and some say theirs didn't, so, they paid for it out of their own pocket.

Also, if you do test positive, does or will that effect any future treatment for you or for your daughters? Could it be used against someone to test positive? Like trying to get life insurance or something?



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Hi Diane. I did have the BRAC 1 and BRAC 2 test done. First, I was interviewed by the hospital social worker who then sent information to my insurance company for approval. Once approved, I did the test.

My mom and two of my sisters have also been tested and we are all negative! We have such a strong family history of BC.

I don't know if it can be used against someone later on down the line.

xoxoxoxo Lynn

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Thanks everyone for your posts! I am thinking that I will have it done.

Hugs to all of you,


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Let us know if you do Diane and your results. Praying for negative!

Hugs, Angie

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I was approved by insurance so had the testing..it was negative. They told me since I was negative no need for sister or daughter or sons to be tested. I have been told that test results can not be held against you by law...but who's monitoring this? My daughter tested positive for something personal, her insurance immediately went up.. she tested negative on a return visit and her insurance did not go down. She called and was told because of the false positive test.. regardless of the outcome of the second test she was now a higher risk candidate.. all further testing has been negative but insurance won't budge.

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Alexis F
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I didn't have the genetic test done Diane, but, my cancer center offered it for free. I never asked why they offered it for free, or, if they did for all bc patients as I was still in a fog from being diagnosed with bc.

I don't know if it could be used against anyone or not. I certainly would hope not.


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I've had the test it was neg. My ins co paid for it. If you have it of cource you will be treated. If you appling for health ins.? I'm not sure Life ins you can't get. Yes, that is true you do have to pay out of pocket. I hear it's 3,000.

Good Luck
DianeBC Let me know how you make out ok?

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Did you have it done Diane? Do you know your results if you did? I pray that everyone gets negative results!

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Yes, I had the test and am just waiting to find out the results. Thanks everyone for all of your great posts! I appreciate it!

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Hi Diane,
I had both test done once I was diagnosis with BC and my insurance covered 80 percent. The test cost close to $4000
I was negative so I was told my daughter didn't need to get tested.
I was told that if I tested positive I would of needed to have a bil. Mastectomy and my overies taken out.
Since I was negative I got to chose between a lumpectomy or the mastectomy.
Chemo and radation were up to my oncologist, which I have to have both.
Hope this helped
Hugs Christine

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Most insurance companies, I think, will pay for test. Have you contacted your insurance company Diane? It is an expensive test, so, I hope your insurance company will help or pay for all of it.

Hugs, Leeza

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I also test negative. But have a second primary breast cancer. Still not sure if I should have another lumpectomy followed by chemo and radiation or a bi masectomy. What ever happen to the time when docs gave their opinions. Instead all I get well it's your choice.
Any thoughts out there????/

So confused

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I, personally, had a bilaterial mastectomy (two tumors in left breast; two lymph nodes positive; nothing in right breast) to be safe. Did NOT want to go through treatment, yet again. I hear of so many woman suffering from reoccurrence.

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In about 1990, I had the test done, because there is a suspected hereditary component to my cancer. I paid for the test and did it anonymously because I was kind of in unchartered waters back then.

Years later, my little sister had the testing done. Her insurance paid for it and she was completely reassured by her physician that testing is private and can't be used against you or your family. Life insurance policies do not ask for this info.

They do ask if you have ever had cancer. After a remission of 15 years, I applied for life insurance and was rejected. I appealed and was given life insurance. I still have that policy even though I now I do have mets.

BTW, even though nearly everyone in my family gets cancer, we are BRCA 1 & 2 negative. My onc said he is convinced ours is genetic, but our particular gene has not been identified.

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Came back neg which surprised me as also large fam history. If your oncol thinks the test should be given I think the insurance pay most or all. If you go ahead without his backing I think it is different. Was told if neg the gene stops there and daughters will not have it but have normal chance of getting breast cancer as any other female. Seems to make sense. Told my daughter to start seriously dealing with this possibility in her fourties. As my cancer often is not shown on mamos and travels to both sides frequently.

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My insurance company paid for it. I was negative! I went through genetic counseling 1st to determine if I needed the test. After the test I was told "Just because you tested neg doesn't me that you don't have another gene that hasn't been discovered yet." So you walk away guarded. I have 2 sisters, our Mom died of BC 6 years ago. Both sisters went for genetic counseling. They live in different cities from me and each other. One sister was told she didn't need have the test and if she wanted it she would have to pay around $3000 for it. My other sister was told to have the test, her insurance company paid most of it. I think she paid $350. They told her it would of been more if I hadn't been tested first. All the best, Marianne

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My niece got BC at 38 and her mom had gotten it at the same age. They tested her and it turned out positive BUT she had the gene from her DAD!!!!!!! Just sayin'

Also there is less likelihood that a positive result will negatively affect your insurance as the latest research shows this knowledge provides for more specific treatments to the patient's advantage.

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Mine was negative and my insurance did pay for it. I hope if you have it Diane that yours will be negative too.

Hugs, Angie

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Megan M
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I've not had this test, but after reading the posts, I am thinking I should?

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Kristin N
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Megan, I think if you want to, you should.  Check with your insurance first though, to see if they will pay for it. 

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Bella Luna
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I was tested and was negative. My oncologist strongly suspected I would be negative as no one, that I am aware, had cancer in my family. I went ahead and did the test because I have a 12 year old daughter, two sister, and several nieces and nephews. Luckily for me, the insurance picked up the tab.

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It was offered to me, but, I never had the test done, well, not yet. I still may. Did you Diane?

Hugs, Jan

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I am positive for BRCA2 gene mutation. My insurance through my employer paid for the test in 2010. I still have my insurance and was added to my husband’s health insurance this year with no trouble at all. I provided his insurance company with a certificate of creditable coverage therefore I have no exclusionary period for my pre-existing conditions of breast and ovarian cancer. I also have a life insurance policy through my employer which I had before I was tested. My husband bought a life policy for me through his employer this year and no medical questions were ask.

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I would hope that if one tests positive for this test, that it would have no reflection at all on anything, especially life insurance policies that you might take out in the future.

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Because of my significant family history of breast CA I wanted the testing. I turned out to be negative so there was no need for my siblings and daughters to be tested. However, although I am technically BRAC negative , the MD feels that my family may be an anomaly
and want to investigate further. My insurance covered the testing and they are covering all special imaging that they may need for my daughters.

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I was offered this for free, but, since I have no daughter's, I really didn't want to know. My cancer center includes it in our treatment and they said it was free. Heck, it is probably just hidden in the cost elsewhere. LOL

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I was told medical insurance cannot hold it against you if you were positive but life insurance can deny you coverage based on that.
I am waiting for my results to come back , another wewek maybe.

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I had the tests done. My mother died of BC and I have 7 granddaughters , 1grandson, and a son and daughter. However, I am from a small family, no sisters and my mother's only sibling died as a baby. This did not meet the automatic criteria for coverage. So,the social workers at my cancer center wrote several letters and finally got my insurance to pay for it. I felt I should do it especially for my daughter and granddaughters. Thankfully, it was negative.

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I was going to have this test when I was first diagnosed, but, didn't go ahead and do it. I suppose I should. It is just a blood test after all.

Good luck to you mupix on your results! Hoping they are negative!

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Life insurance can deny coverage if you test positive? That's not right. How did your results turn out Mupix?

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I was tested after i completed treatment and am unfortunately BRCA1+. The genetic counselor told me there are laws to protect myself and my daughters regarding this, as far as insurance, employers, etc. It was covered by my insurance that i had - there are certain guidelines which may affect whether or not certain insurance companies will cover it - and before they even do the testing the genetic Dr. will submit your information to the insurance company to see if they will cover it. Things they consider are - age of diagnosis, number of first degree relatives with breast and/or ovarian cancer (mom, sister, daughter) and number of 2nd degree relatives (grandma, cousin, aunt). I cant choose to have my daughter's tested - once they turn 18 they can legally get tested if they choose.

Pink Rose
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I haven't had this yet. It has been offered to me and I think I will go ahead and have it. I will check with my insurance first though to see if they will pay for it. Thanks for the info!

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I had the test done because I have 3 generations of BC in the family. Kaiser will only test the person with BC first. I tested negative so they will not test my sister or daughters. Had I tested positive then it would have been a good idea for the other women in the family to get tested if they wanted too. Since they don't have anything to look for, it would be pointless to check.
It is better to have the person with cancer tested since it won't change anything for them. For family members, it depends on if they will take pro-active action because of the results. My sister is just being very aggressive with screening. My daughter is looking at a mastectomy after she is done having kids. With 3 generations, even with out the gene I think the risk is like 67%. Some people don't really want to know their risk.


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Cindy, so are you saying that if you don't carry the gene, then your sisters and daughter's don't for sure?

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The gene could pass through the father's side, as well. BRCA doesn't only identify breast cancer, it's also a strong precursor to colon, and skin cancers as well. I was told after finding out my positive genetic test result that my brother should have genetic testing as well, not only for his health but also because he has a daughter who might be high risk for bc.

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I didn't know that Heather. Thanks! You pinks are always full of such good info!

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youre welcome ;)

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Hello, I am here from Ovarian Cancer board, so pardon my intrusion ladies.

I had genetic testing done right after I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer 7 months ago. I met with genetic counsellor and she built a family tree. My test came back positive for BRCA1. Consequently I had my 67-year-old mother tested, she is a 14-year breast cancer survivor. Surprisingly her test came back negative. So I got the gene mutation from my late father. I also had my 18-year-old daughter tested. Her test was negative, thank god. I have no other children and no siblings.

By the way, if you are of Ashkenazi Jewish origin, you don't need to get tested for the whole panel of mutations, but only for 3 genes, which is significantly faster and cheaper.

I know that there is a law in the USA that prohibits discrimination by insurance companies based on genetic status. There is no such law in Canada.
Testing itself in Canada is free, covered by provincial insurance.

Risk-reducing options for women with confirmed BRCA gene mutations are all covered by insurance after age 25:
- prophylactic bilateral mastectomy (with or without reconstruction)
- prophylactic bilateral oophorectomy
- monitoring with annual mammogram, MRI and breast exams
- preventative Tamoxifen (only in USA, not in Canada)

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I did the test, results were negative.  There was lots of counseling that came with it...would I freak out if it was positive?  what about negative?  Through all that counseling, I decided that the test doesn't really mean anything.

There are many other possible gene mutations that we don't have tests for.  So it's possible that you carry a gene mutation and still get negative results.  And even if I test negative, there is no guarantee that my daughter will not get cancer.  On the other side, just because you test positive, doesn't necessarily mean that your daughter/mother/sister will get BC or one of the other cancers.  Yes, the likelyhood is higher, but it's not guaranteed.  It's a game of roulette.



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I am glad your results were negative Linda and thanks for all of the other info.


Sue :)

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My mom did this test years ago and she was negative for the breast gene and inconclusive for the ovarian gene.
I was dx last year (at 32) and had to do the test as well. I was negative for both genes. However, this doesn't mean anything.

One thing I learned was that there is a BART test as well! It's a more thorough test you can do to see if all possibilities are negative, AFTER you have been negative for the BRCA1 and 2. My hospital, Sloan, did them all at the same time. My insurance paid.

If I had a daughter, I would def. test her for the gene, if there is a history in my family. And even after testing negative.

Good luck to you.

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LoveBabyJesus, I've never heard of the BART test.  What does it consist of?  A blood test too?  And, insurance will pay for it also? 


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