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My Final Answer

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I talked to my doc (whom I love) just now and have made a final decision to not do the makeup infusions.

My 2 concerns were that it had been 8 weeks since my last treatment and that the dosage is low anyway. He said the ONLY reason he gave me the option to make up is because he knew how my mind works. He also said I was correct in thinking that the 2 stand alone small doses would not be enough to treat anything generally and its not necessary to put the stress on my body, kind of save that in the event anything ever comes back and I need big treatment again. He also said the textbook answer is no more chemo after completion of radiotherapy. THAT WAS WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR! Therefore, I have made an informed decision to not make up the doses. Feeding tube will be out ASAP and I trust I am making the right decision for myself. Whatever is meant to be, will be. Maybe I will be able to sleep tonight now, knowing the decision is made.

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You gotten all the info to make a well informed decision and you made it!!....

....and I think you will sleep well tonight.



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I know making a decision causes me sleepless nights. I am glad you were able to make a decision and now can move on from here. Congrats.

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indecision is such a insomnia feeder....now that the decision is made, you'll sleep like a baby.


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Glad to see you made the decision, and happy to read what you wrote about your doc, I feel the same way about my onco and rad folks, I've trusted them so far and see no reason to stop. It was diffiuclt for my type A personality to let go and let someone make certain decisions for me.

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You’ve done your due diligence and the doctor said what you needed to hear, you are finished! Hang up the treatment threads and move on with your life.

Smooth healing ahead,


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Pam M
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You know it - something about making the decision, and moving on. Do well.

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Rest well. always nice to have tough choices out of the way.

onward to more recovery and getting into your new normal.

nice choice


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