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surgery now scheduled

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They scheduled my surgery for next week. Now I am getting really nervous! The surgen said the chemo and radiation shrank it more that he thought it would which is great! From the size of a silver dollar to the size of a dime. He still didn't really say if he could get me all reconnected or not. Not really sure how to handle all of the emotions going on this week. Afraid of not being able to be reconnected and have a permanant colostomy bag. I know it won't be the end of the world in the grand scheme of things but I still can't help but worry. Been doing good as far as not worrying about things but now that the time is getting close emotions are running wild.

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Don't be afraid. Maybe the doc will be able to re-attach the colon. Then you are done. If not,a temporary illeostomy is certainly doable. When that is reversed and your colon is re-attached you are done. I went through it al at age 78. Been NED for last 15 months, Living a normal life. You can too! Good luck!

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Doc said I will at least have a temporoary illeostomy while everything heals. Hoping it's temporary. Just getting nervous about the whole thing. Thanks for the support!! It sure helps a lot hearing from everyone that has been through it.

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My surgeon said that there was a 90% chance that I would have to have a temporary bag at surgery and a 10% chance that I wouldn't. I was blessed that I fell in the 10% category. Try not to worry to much about what you can't control ~ I hope you are lucky like me. I was diagnosed with Stage 3B rectal cancer at age 49. One year now with no evidence of cancer. I pray the same for you soon!!!


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Most of us all get nervous before the surgery date, most of it is due to anticipation of the unknown and then just wanting it to be all over with. Wishing you the best outcome with the surgery and let us know how you are doing.


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You're not alone. This is normal. Great news about the shrinkage. Keep us posted and if you have any questions, ask away. By the way, many here have permanent colostomies and handle life pretty well. Good luck with your surgery.

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As someone stated above it's beyond your control. I fell into the permanent catagory but I do OK. Been NED officially since March of 2011. But the tumor was removed with everything else in Sept 2010. I did the chemo after and am still dealing with the neoropathy in my feet. Small price to pay for saving my life. You will be fine, I know the feeling the anticipation etc. Feel free to pm me if you want. Good luck and godspeed. Tom

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Ofcourse you have anxiety, we all have that before the big day and also when we are due for tests. Try to relax and accept what comes your way, healing will then speed up and before you know it you hopefully are on the way to be NED.
Hugs, Marian

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fear of the unknown can really set our nerves on edge! i understand how you feel & i would be the same way. just remember that this is something you need to do to save your life. i will pray for a very good result!

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Know how you feel, many of us do, thankful for the surgery, best way to get rid of the cancer, but worry about the surgery, will all go well, etc. I always worry about being put to sleep and others have control over my body and of course worry about waking up. So I get very nervous before surgery. Wish I had some sage advice to give you to put the worries away, but I sure don't, just have to put our faith in the ones doing the surgery and go from there. As for the colostomy bag, let's hope for being reconnected, but if not, it still good to be alive, but I don't blame you for worrying, nobody wants a bag. I will tell you when they first told me I was terminal and couldn't have surgery I actually prayed for a bag is they could cut the stuff out and let me live, got the surgery, didn't get the bag, still glad to be alive. So know, we completely understand the emotions running wild, will be sending every good thought I have that you can get reconnected though and that your surgery goes great.
Winter Marie

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Thanks so much for the reply's. I feel better now knowing I have people to talk to that has went through the same as I am about to.

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Posts: 40
Joined: Jun 2012

Thanks so much for the reply's. I feel better now knowing I have people to talk to that has went through the same as I am about to.

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Kenny H.
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Wishing you the best. Nothing wrong with being a permanant bagger if you have to go that rt. Many that get reversals always have bathroom emergency/issues. At least with a permanant one you will have none of that and can live a more normal lifestyle.

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Try to relax and just get some rest. I will keep you in my prayers for your surgery.


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There is nothing more you can do but relax. The choices have been made. Now you have to be the strongest mentally and physically you can be for the surgery.

The unknown us what we a re afraid of. Go into knowing as much as you can, and the unknown will be minimized.

Best Always, mike

PS We are sending good thoughts and prayers your way!

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