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I was not able to get my chemo last week due to low platlet and WBC counts. We are rechecking the labwork on Monday and if all is well I will get it on Tuesday. I am feeling better with the extra week of "no chemo" but I know I really need it so I hope I get it this week.
The doctor said he will lower my dose and give me neulasta shots after the chemo to keep the blood counts up after the next chemo. Can anyone tell me what to expect with these shots?

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I had to get those neulasta shots the day after four of my six treatments. I remember my legs feeling achy for about two or three days after each shot. The pain was never unbearable, more annoying, and my oncologist recommended I start off with Tylenol to deal with the aches, which ended up being enough for me. I was/am lucky to have a hubby who is a saint and gave me leg massages when I was achy. The massages really helped a lot in making me feel better. From your picture, I'm guessing that the handsome man next to you is your husband or significant other? If so, you might suggest massages if you too experience muscle aches! :)

Hoping you get your chemo this week and sending prayers your way that all goes well for you.


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I take the shot the day following my chemo. (I did so last year also). Like Kelly, I sometimes have some leg aches, minor body aches, but Tylenol usually takes care of it! Best wishes to you.


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I was proactive and took the Tylenol right before I got the neulasta and routinely for a couple days. That worked best for me. I was careful to stay under the maximum daily dose. No sense giving my liver any extra challenges.

Connie from the uterine board

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