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another long day

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another long day, it started 8am, first i had labs drawed next i had fluids ,thxen i had platelates. the nurse imformed me that if i eat more i wouldnt need so much fluds ihave decided just to put food in my mouth and swallow. blessings denise

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Hi Denise,

So sorry you're going through these tough times; hope the long day yesterday will lift you up for today and longer!!! prayers and thoughts go with you-- LOL Susan

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Hang in there. It is going to take a while but you can do it. We are with you. John

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Hey Denise, I know how hard it is to eat and drink, my first cancer was in my neck and I had trouble swallowing, but you got to do it. You will feel better trust me.... keep fighting Vinny

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Please listen to what Vinny is saying. He knows first hand what you are going thru with the swallowing. Get better soon.!!! ,John

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One day closer to finishing all this, Denise :).
I would share John's fish with you but Sue and he have
probably already eaten it ;).

Hang in there and as everyone said, we're with you all the way.

Hugs and hugs,


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Hi Denise,
Hang in there dear lady! Once you get through this rough patch, you will start to feel better. I hate forcing myself to eat when I don't feel good, but try remember your body needs nourishment in order to give you strength to keep fighting and healing. Eat jello, soup, milk shakes, etc...anything you can get down will help. Keeping you in my prayers.
Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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