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Water taste real bad

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I am 6 week out of radiation. 35 treatments for cancer on the tonuge.
I have a little taste. I could taste apple juice and it tasted good, that is tasted. No it taste bad and water taste real ba. Is this normal?

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You are at the very tail end, more than likely things should start turning around for you very soon.

Now it's not going to be fast, actually it's very slow..but little by little it should improve.

Just to get an idea I know what you are talking about...

Water is the only thing that really will quinch my thirst.

Water tasted like sweat...

More like sweat from a dirty pair of very well worn gym socks.

Get the idea..., LOL.

I'm over three years out now, STGIII SCC Tonsils HPV+..a lot of weeks of chemo and the 35 daily rads too.


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Tastes really bad, like old sweaty, worn out gym socks. Well good luck if that is the case, sounds like bad water orrrrrrrrr it could be the results of that blasted or that blasting with radiation you got. If Skiffen can manage to drink gym sock water you should too. Just think, with every drink you are getting closer to new clean gym socks tasting water.

Just kidding, it is in the Oregon water.



Sorry but my water always tasted good.

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Water turned on me overnight about 3 weeks into radiation, and stayed that way until just a couple weeks ago....(my last rad was 6/15)....just keep drinking it, and remind yourself you need water more than just about anything else besides air :).


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Just echoing others but hopefully in the next few weeks water will taste better. Have you tried water enriched with minerals fro flavor? I know walmarts water is that way. What about varying the tempatures of your water i know for me for a few weeks i could only drink ice-cold. Just a thought but most importantly make sure you are getting your hydration in. So if it has to be copious amounts of apple juice so be it.

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Pam M
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I had to have different temperatures at different stages.

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As others said this is very normal and will get better. In the mean time, since hydration is very important, try differnent things so you could get it down. There is protien powder mix called juven (made by same company as ensure), it comes in differnt flavors. I liked orange the best. Ask the nutritionist at your hospital to give you sample so you can try out.

It will make water taste good and add protein. I ordered it from amazon.


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hey just wanted to let you know that I'm hoping soon this issue resolves itself ! I had a better time with room temp. liquids....now use ice all the time. Those jokers ahead of me with their comparissions...good lord ! Katie

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