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Confirmed Metastasis.

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Well what I fead is true. It had metastasized and doc has given me 6-10 months.

I am going for a medi-port and new PET right now. Needles to say, they family taking this hard. I think I am still in shock. The lump that they biopsied is one of the two original lumps, the other on my head. I now have a total of eleven (11) from my calf, my hip, 2 on spine, my side, mid back, a second one on the head, and one just under my last breast. Doctors are baffled and we asked for a referrals to to UIC for a clinical trail.

I also called and have onfo being sent from Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They take a wellness approach to this as well as the best Tx for this SCC.

Looks my journey may not be over, just praying My life os not as well.

ps. does anyone have experience with the CTCoA ? they claim to have the best succes for their patients. (not sure what that is.

Any input would help ::lost and in shock::


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D Lewis
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This is truly devastating. Sending thoughts of healing and comfort your way.

I have no experience with Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Opinions here seem to be mixed.


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So sorry for this news. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I personally do not have any experiences with Cancer Treatment Centers of America but I have a friend whose husband is being treated at one for lung cancer. They seem pleased with the treatment he is getting but so far has only had two treatments so a little soon to see how it is working.

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is heavy...

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Pam M
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I was so hoping it was something bizarre, but not malignant going on with you. Sorry you have to kick the fight into overdrive now. No clues on CTCofA, like Deb, I've seen mixed reviews - if you go with them, I hope you become one of the cheerleaders down the road.

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Definitely not the word any of us were praying for....

Second opinions maybe..., not sure.

Just know that we are all pulling for you and much success.

Thoughts, Prayers, Hopes and Dreams,

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Just a new leg of this journey that you are starting, Bob. Only God knows how long it will be.

Keep moving forward just as you always have and we are right here with you.

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This whole thing seemed so bizarre, I couldn't imagine being a metastasis....I don't know what to say, except to tell you, you are in my prayers and I'm sending positive thoughts. I don't have any experience with CT of America either....just the commercials on TV...where they do seem to advertise lots of hope....


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I'm stage 4 Oropharyngeal, recovering from five months treatment, hoping for future clear PET scans, fearing the news sometime that you have received. I think about being in the situation. I think the prospect is terribly frightening, but the heart of the light for me has been the relationships I have with my wife and two young children. I don't know if there would be much they could do for me, though I might be wrong about this; I do think that if I could somehow manage for continue in my pain to give them love that I might be able to help them. My thoughts are with you now.

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there has been a long thread on these centers, spanning several years. Mixed reviews. I havent seen it pop back to the top for awhile, but it is still buried somewhere down the board. I am sorry to hear this, Bob. Pretty tough stuff. Best to you.


Barbara B
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My thoughts and prayers are with you. My sister-in-law actually had a very positive experience at the Cancer Center of A. Your journey has taken a turn, but it is not over. Best wishes always. Barbara

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My thoughts and prayers are with you. Of course nothing I can say will be profoundly helpful. Just don't give up and know a whole lot of us are paying you win this fight.

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I have no experience with them other than reading posts....

this is one on the Esophageal Forum now....


Federal Trade Commission vs Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Though the above article is dated....

Obviously you do what you feel you have to when faced with the news. Just try and make the most informed decision that you can.


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Very sad to hear this news. My prayers are certainly with you.

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I'm so sorry to read this... I still hope there could be miracle or just some sort of wrong diagnosis. But... I will be praying and thinking of you and your family! Be strong and don't stop fighting!! Never give up...

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I am so sorry you have to go through this again. It is not fair. Please be tough and fight this again with all you have. We are here for you.


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beyond the subject statement all i can add is....

Never, Never, Never Give Up!

lots of love and prayers being sent your way


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Joined: Aug 2010

beyond the subject statement all i can add is....

Never, Never, Never Give Up!

lots of love and prayers being sent your way


opps must have finger twitch and posted twice.... maybe the may above wanted me to double my same thoughts

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Bob what you are dealing with, and our prayers are there for you and your family. I tried to find the information blog on CTCOA, I failed. I do remember what I read there was some good but a fair amount of bad feedback on them. So not sure where you can go for more information but I find if you Google them and looks for reviews usually you can get the information you are looking for. Hope you find what will work for you no matter who that may be. God Bless. the Dittos.

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It isn't the news any of us need to get. Please continue to fight and stay focused. All of our prayers and thoughts are joined for you ! Katie

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Prayers to you and your family. The Lord could still heal.

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Tonsil Dad
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So sorry to here your dx, I couldn't imagine how devastating it must be.
.....Doctors are not God, they cannot tell you how long you have left , you
must remain positive and take any negetive thought out of your head, only
the man upstairs will say when. Miracles happen everyday so you deserve
one but you must have faith and stay positive. You are young and have plenty
of years ahead of you.

Prayers for miracles to come to you.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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Tonsil Dad
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Tonsil Dad
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whoops again.

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Obviously there are no words I can say that could alleviate the sadness or worry you and your family are experiencing.....oh that there was something more I could do .....

...the one thing I can do and will is pray for that miracle, that clinical trial that will zap that c right out of you ....

Please let your family know your online family is anxious to do something to help you win your fight!!!!



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Dearest Bob,

I am deeply saddened by your news. I will hope and pray your journey takes many good turns with better outcomes.

One of your fellow warriors,


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So sorry to read your post...the fights not over, there are blessings everyday.


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adding my prayers to the long list. you've got a lot of supporters!

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Sending prayers and positive energy your way. We understand...

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Sorry to hear the news. My best to you and yours.


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said and mojo sent.

Be well.

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