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Checking In

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Jan Trinks
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Hi all:

I've been keeping up with everybody. Finished my overnight job with Jo-Ann's and did get hired seasonally. This goes thru the first week in January and then they bring you in permeantly if they so desire! I tell you kudos to all you out there who work retail and have worked retail. I still marvel at how Charlie did it for 26 years and absolutely loved it! I'm telling you he earned every penny and then some! But I am grateful that it has given me a new special connection with him. I've asked him to forgive me for not really truly understanding how grueling and tiring it can be. I have 22 hours this week and 15 next week. Last Monday and Tuesday morning I went in at 4 and 5 a.m. till noon and 1:00 putting out overstock. This past Monday I was trained on the cash register for becoming a cashier. I liked doing that. And that's what I'll be doing on Sat. Sun. and next week. I'm still working on getting on as a substitute for two counties but haven't heard if I'm on their lists yet. Will keep y'all posted. So I'm definitely grounded for awhile but knew I would be till next August and Sept. when my retirement and SS begins. I feel like I'm really following in his footsteps as the other day I wrote my schedule down for the next two weeks and put it by the phone in the living room as he always did that for me! Also since we only get 30 min. meal break I usually go to my car and crochet or knit and he did that too (not knitting or crocheting) but he'd read the paper listen to the news just to get away for a little bit. And even though it's just a little over minimum wage, it's still something and it is just 4 miles from home and 10 minutes away. And as the saying goes some money is better than no money. If I get on as a substitute and get that going I can still work at Jo-Ann's evening and weekends; so that's what I'm hoping for. Chargee is growing like a weed and so demanding these days. But he's a real sweetie and a lot of company. It's true; pets arethe only love money can buy! And he and Sammy are certainly enjoying me being at home (well, Chargee still goes with me out of town as I will not leave him as I feel he's just a baby still (he was 6 months old on Sept. 6). Well I guess I've rattled on enough now! Hope all is well with everyone! Love y'all. God Bless!

Jan (Basketcase)

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Hi Jan,
Man I agree retail is exhausting ! And now with the holidays coming...busy busy busy ! I am glad to see you pop in, and that things are well...busy, but good ! Katie

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and never had a desire to go back to retail, not once for the rest of my life. You're darn right it's tough way to make a living.

Hope you find yourself on the subbing list soon.


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Man, I don't know where you get all of your energy....

So glad that things are going well for you, but make sure you have time for you and for your fur kids....

Chargee sounds like he's the little man for sure.

Have fun, enjoy life.

Thoughts & Prayers,

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So glad you posted...hey, how is Brian. Is he walking yet? How about his left leg and his shoulder. He is still on my nightly prayer list ....so I am looking for some good news!

Glad you are doing well. I too am in the service industry, but spent 20 years in "big box" retail before joining the "hospitality" industry 12 years ago ..kind of the same thing, people, people and more people and lots of action 24/7. :)

Again, glad you posted...let me know how Brian is.



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Pam M
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Sounds like things are going well - good to hear. All I can think is "Jo-Ann employee discounts - - ahhhh".

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