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Chlorella, 4Life Transfer Factor, & Cell Food

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Hi everyone...

In my battle to get my platlets up so I can get chemo, I went to the vitamin store and they recommended the following. I have researched on line but I figured I go to the experts (you all) to see if you have any experience with these:

4Life Transfer Factor Plus
Cell Food

Thank you for the feedback.


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Don't know about the ones you asked about but here is something else to consider:

Recommended Foods To Build Platelets
One of the few recommendations that seems to appear over and over again in regards to the foods that help build platelets are folic acid rich foods. Folic acid is classified as a vitamin. It is essential in the manufacture of new red blood cells. The human body is unable to store too much of this substance at a time and therefore, in order to keep well maintained and healthy levels, the body has to constantly top up its intake. More importantly, there seems to be significant medical evidence to suggest that not only are folic acid rich foods beneficial to individuals suffering from low platelet counts but that conditions can be improved in this way.

Folic acid is found in good quantities in tomatoes and tomato juice, lentils, beans, corn, avocados, asparagus and green leaf vegetables to name a few.

There is no doubt that at the present time there is much disagreement concerning the effect of diet on improving platelet count.

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My oncologist told me to stay away from folic acid supplements.....they give you folinic acid (I hope I have this right), I think if you take folic acid you'd be countering the effect folinic acid has on the cancer cells. When cancer cells are deprived of folic acid they are weaker, the cancer cells take up the folinic acid. Check with your onc. for a better explanation than I can give.....or maybe someone here can put it down better into words. I took spirulina. Taking the intense green supplements cholera etc...turns your poop green!!!

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Smokey Joe's caution is most readily applied to stay away from *ordinary* synthetic folic acid in most multivitamins, it is toxic with 5FU related compounds.

Some supplements use small amounts of folinic acid (leucovorin, LV) instead, and would increase the total dose of LV. Leucovorin is not desirable with Xeloda either.

A few supplements use levo 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, L5MTHF, for their folate source. I believe that this is a commercial version of natural type folates.

Real foods like foliage and liver contain natural folates, there are around 8 of them in plants, and mainly one, L5MTHF in liver. These natural folates seem to be more compatible with 5FU compounds, like juicers experience good blood results. Natural folates do not replace leucovorin, but probably balance it in a healthy way for noncancerous tissues. Liver, reasonably pesticide free, contains many useful molecules like lipoic acid, active B12, coQ10, menaquinone-4 (best vit K2) and natural, human form folate, L5MTHF.
I'm not familiar with the rest of Vicky's product list.

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it tastes wonderful, i stopped, xeolda 3 weeks ago, had a vaccine deferred, doing that vaccine now.

its goto be organic, i blended about 50 grams a day, a bit high of organic cows liver, i will take some on the 30 hour flight home to sydney to gross out my economy traveling companions. 

if you can do the liver, have a go at the raw sheeps brains, just for fun, these are ketogenic foods also.

at a few bucks a week, its cheap and effective, goodluck, pm me, or goggle/



ps i am almost ned after 3 recurrence, but whose really counting, its a challenging illness thats for sure.

desperate times give rise to the opportunity for desperate measures, sitting in the chemo chair and praying did not work for me.

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