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Gleason 4+4 and Loma Linda

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Hello: I'm new to this site. Had a second opinion on my biopsy of 4+4=8 and it was confirmed. I have been scheduled for proton consultation at Loma Linda in a week and was told that I would likely be advised to be on hormone therapy for 2 months PRIOR to proton treatment and for a time following treatment. I had 12 cores and 3 were positive on the right side only. Nothing detected on the left side. Of those cores I had 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm of diseased tissue respectively. Doc told me that he was 99.997% sure that it had not spread. Had bone scan anyway just to be sure. Came back negative as he anticipated. I thought I'd be done by end of year but now this hormone thing has be totally spooked. Heck, I don't even know what I'm asking/seeking here. Anyone out there with a Gleason 8 plus with proton therapy who can share?

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There are alot of posts on this site about tests they can do to insure they are right. A lot of people on this site have posted about experiences with Drs optimism turning to dust whe they do surgery, or when things start getting out of control.
My Onc told me that prostate cancer usually takes one of two paths. Either it goes to the bones, or to thr organs. Mine went to organs. You never know. A score of 8 is worrisome. Six is usually considered contained, but above that they suspect travel. I am not trying to alarm you, but you need to be aware of where you are in statistics. You mentioned a bone scan, but nothing on CT scans. There have been alot of upgrades on testing procedures. Once again check the other posts to reference tests you should have.
I am hopeful your doctor was right, but you need to ensure your survivabilty with knowledge. Browse through old posts to increase your knowledge.

Good luck,


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Welcome to to our board. Sorry to have you on board. I am a Gleason 9 PSA 26. This board has helped me gain the knowledge I needed to make the decisions (awful ones) I needed to make. Please read all the threads as they will help you gain knowledge.

KTF and the fight

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for diagnostic staging, here is a video by Dr. Gerald Chodak


I agree with samgsung tech about the comment about your doc's optimism. A fortune teller can tell you the same thing.

An MRI with an endorectal coil is the preferred test, hopefully using a tesla 3.0 magnet that is found at major institutions or sophisticated radiation centers. This will do the job, and let give you a documented idea of where you stand.

I wish you the best.

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I'm having seeds hormone shots ( luprin). And radiation .  The only side effects is urantion but flow max eases that strain.  But beyond that the side effects have been a breeze.   And I think that's due to 15 years of playing rugby.  I ignore pain. 

My only question is will it work ?  Bone and Cat Scans were clean.  The oncologist doesn't put out a clear yes or no answer.  Out of the biopsy in 12 cuttings only one was cancerous. 

Maybe there are no yes or no answers.  Only "we'll see what happens".

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Adding to these old threads makes no sense for you or other readers. If you need info or support, we can try to help, provided you give some background to your situation.

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