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Many Drs are now asking patients to fast for 48 prior to treatments... but doing a cleanse is so beneficial- having no fat in ones diet for a period of the cleanse is key.


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    Read the comment section after the TED video and also, look for Forks over knives documentary on Netflix-

    Jun 18 2012:Having witnessed for 35 years doctors, some oncologists, healing cancer naturally, there is no doubt it is curable and has been curable since 1925. There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people. Most people who suffer and die needlessly have the opportunity to find a cure for their ailments but have turned their search over to the new idol, their new god, (small g) their doctor. No offense to the doctor, but so much told to the patient is a rumor. What is a rumor, a story told without all the facts or none of the facts, or a manipulation of the facts, to the patient, who then passes it on to the family, and so it goes; none of which was true. Cancer is not incurable, diabetes is not incurable, most diseases are not incurable, naturally. Diabetes is insulin resistance, not the fake word "diabetes". The metastases of cancer is completely preventable, and predictable. Poison and radiation cause cancer and cause the metastases of cancer. How does it metastases? it is well known. Do you know? This is not a mystery.

    When the doctor tells you that you only have 90 days to live, how does the doctor know. Let us say you are Christian, why would you not pray and seek counsel elsewhere. How does this doctor become your new god? Since a majority of metastases occurs between 6-11 years after treatment, is this the reason they changed the rules so there could be a claim of success? So they could say the cancer found after 5 years is a new cancer? How hard do you have to search to find out these answers?

    The irony is the first person cured of liver cancer, who bore witness to this concept, was in 1983, and he was told by one of the top "cancer treatment centers" that he will die in 90 days without their treatment but had a 90% chance of being killed by the treatment. The non-Christain person sought help elsewhere, and was cured using natural means. More than 1,000 who prayed for help died and never sought help other than from the new god. WHY? Many doctors cure cancer.
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    Jun 18 2012:I've done some research for an article pinpointing that dandelion tea is also beneficial in combatting cancer. Here is an excerpt some of you who have cancer, or have loved ones who are battling cancer, may find of interest. (The article is written in a simplified conversational style in order to be accessible to most.)

    "That cup of tea has garnered $217,000 for research into the effectiveness of dandelion tea to treat cancer. Dr. Siyaram Pandey of the University of Windsor, located in Ontario, Canada, created a simple formula of dandelion root and water to test whether there is an active ingredient found in dandelions that works to fight cancer cells."

    What Dr. Pandey found is that the dandelion tea caused the cancer cells to kill themselves’ (called apoptosis) while being non-toxic to normal cells.

    You may read the full article here... references are listed at the end of the article should you care to research this one your own.