Chemotherapy Alternatives and Healthy Recipes


My father has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and recently had surgery to get a tumor removed. We're fortunate that only half his stomach was removed, and he is still in recovery at this point in time. However, he has a type of cancer that can grow quickly, so he will be starting chemotherapy soon but has lost so much weight from the surgery. So a few questions I have:

* We grow up in an Asian household and are struggling to find great recipes and foods that are flavorful. Anyone know of a blog/cookbook that would be helpful for stomach cancer survivors?

* Is there any way to prepare for chemotherapy, or any alternatives to chemotherapy people would suggest?


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    I'm sorry to hear the news that your father was disgnosed stomach cancer. in my personal opinion, i don't think chemotherapy is a good treatment method for stomach cancer. Because chemotherapy has many side effects. One of the side effects is emaciation. I think your father is not young enough to suffer the harms of chemotherapy.
    I think you can consider traditional Chinese medicine, which can reduce the side effects caused by chemotherapy. In addition, it can strengthen immunity, improve life quality and prolong life time. If you want to know more information, you can write to me:[email protected] or leave me you email address for further contact.
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    good luck with everything
    I suggest you research Coriolus Versicolor, it's a mushroom supplement that helps support the immune system during chemo. Coconut water has lots of potassium and helps you stay hydrated.

    Since porridge is pretty common in the Asian household, one suggestion is substituting rice with quinoa. Here is a recipe for quinoa porridge:

    Also, there is a stomach cancer support group on facebook. It is private so nothing you write appears on your profile or news feed. It has about 100 members and has been extremely helpful. Please consider joining:

    Also, one thing about chemo. It is very aggressive because stomach cancer is very aggressive. Traditional Chinese Medicine, juicing, exercise, and a health diet can help support conventional treatment, but it is no substitute. At the same time, chemo is a personal decision. If you don't do chemo and the disease returns, think about how you'd feel and if you're comfortable with the decision.