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Getting A Little Scanxiety

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My scan is Wednesday and I see the doc on Friday. Getting nervous only because I know how large and widespread the tumor in my tonsil was and it was only partially removed during biopsy. I guess I should be more concerned about the lymph nodes but I'm not. I really feel like I'm fine now but its just one of those things I guess. I mean, I'm making such progress I can't imagine having to take a step backward.

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D Lewis
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... for us "abi-normals..."

I'm heading to Stanford this a.m. for a scope and palpation, and I woke up convinced I felt a new lump in my neck. Scopexiety?


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Im doing very well, eating, getting around a fair amount of energy, but I told my wife the other day all thats great but I need to know they got the cancer. So on Oct 3rd I go in for my first scan and I truly feel the anxiety weeks in advance. I realize its our new norm to see if we will be NED or not. So good luck to you and all of us. But just think when you repost NED how great that will be.

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of you...I can sure tell that scanxiety is common and affects us all...mine just happens to be two months off, so too far out there to fret about. But when it's right around the corner, and the real truth is about to me known....yikes is right...

Just so you know I'm planning on all three of you having NED scans, and back here to say so...then we can all wahoo together :).


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Hi Cindy,

You are doing so well I would not be surprised that everybody around you has a clean scan. Good luck, clean scan, looking good.



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Good vibes :-)

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Just went thru the same thing, keep a positive attitude.


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Scans are meant to help us be assured of our cure. We are definitely Abi-normal when we all think the other shoe has dropped and this will confirm it!!! That's why NED is so popular on here and why we all are so euphoric when we hear it....Go get 'er done! you'll be glad when it's over.
You too Deb. Good luck at Stanford today....

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Cindy, I am sure it is very hard to not be anxious this close to your scan but I am sure it is going to be clear. I am going to think positive thoughts all day that day for you even when I am having my peg tube removed.

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Hi Cindy, I just had my scans today, scans in the morning doctor in the afternoon, I am three years and three months post treatment, parting words from the Onco, see you next September, wasn't that a Frankie Valli song? Denis

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Scanxiety is definitely normal......especially for an abi-normal.


Barbara B
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Sending good thoughts to all! Remember the power of positive thinking. Barbara

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