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Good news

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I had my yearly PET scan and everything was good. I was trying not to be anxious as my stomach has been bothering me for about 4 weeks . I is not painful just dull aches every now and then every day. The Dr. told me to take Papaya extract with meals an one Tagamet in the morning. I started the tagamet today. I am so grateful for the clear scan. My love to all. if the blood tests are good no PET scans for 18 months. Yeah!!!

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That is wonderful news Joanie! You go girl - and I'm so glad!

Hugs and thanks for the great news!


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Max Former Hodg...
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As good as it gets !


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Thats good news and hopefully you will stay this way for years to come. My wish for all of us is to reach remission and STAY THERE! Best wishes...Sue

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awesome news!!!!

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It's always good to hear good news. Congratulations!

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Praying you continue with good news on and on and on!!


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