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esophageal cancer


To effectively fight this disease, ECAN is establishing The Network, a community of individuals and groups who are concerned about the rapid increase in esophageal cancer cases and want to support the campaign for public awareness and the creation of more effective tools to detect and treat the disease. ECAN is dedicated to working for increased funding for medical research to battle esophageal cancer. Despite its distinction as the fastest increasing cancer diagnosis in the United States, esophageal cancer is currently among the most poorly funded cancers in terms of federal research dollars. ECAN and its network of supporters are working to change that. We look forward to the day when esophageal cancer is regularly detected at early stages and the medical establishment has all the information and tools it needs to effectively treat and cure those who are diagnosed.
Our Goals

Public Awareness – ECAN wants Americans who suffer with persistent heartburn to become aware of the possibility that their reflux can cause cancer and discuss with their physicians whether an upper endoscopy of the esophagus is appropriate. We plan to coordinate a national public awareness campaign using broadcast and print media, messaging through partnerships with corporations and organizations as well as interactive, internet-based media and tools.

Medical Community Awareness – ECAN wants primary caregivers to become aware of the dramatic increase in Esophageal Cancer among non-smoking patients and be aware of the link between heartburn and cancer when treating their patients. We plan to offer Continuing Medical Education for medical professionals involved in primary care for patients, both in person and through the internet.

Decision Maker Awareness – ECAN wants those who influence how federal research resources are spent to be more aware of the burgeoning problem Esophageal Cancer has become and the need to provide appropriate funding for research.



I have found the more I search the more support and answers I find. Wonderful to help our self and others. http://www.esophagealcancerfighters.com/

My GI doc has been watching atipical cells in my Barret's escphagus for awhile.  My last endoscopy showed high displaisia and referred me to a Dr Alfonso Ribeiro with the U of Miami Medical Center.  I need to know if this is the best doctor/hospital in my area, south Florida, for treatment of possible GI malignancies.  Anyone else In South Florida have experience/recommendations with above?

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