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Neulasta shot

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Hi everyone. I made it through my first treatment of AC and my neulasta shot. I need your help again. Is there anything I can do to lessen the bone pain and get strength back in my legs and feet? This is really bothersome. Any help is appreciated.


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Many of the women take Claritin the day before and day of chemo..many have reported it really helps with the bone pain....I've been on Nuelasta for months...had one this past Wednesday....never had much problem but this one really put me down with aches and pains for two days.....but fine today.....you may want to discuss this with your MO....hopefully other pinks will chime in ..

Wishing yot better days...
Hugs, Nancy

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I did see the doc before having my first chemo and he told me to take cleritain. I got some and did as he said. I feel a whole lot better today. Thank you for helping. I'm glad you feel better. We can hang in there together. Hugs to you!


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I had it real easy from Neulasta - all it did to me was put me to sleep, almost to the minute 2 hrs after injection, for 2 hrs. No pain at all from it. I only had it for the 4 DD A/C but not for the 12 weekly Taxol and had no problem with blood.

The med. info sheet I got said to take tylenol and/or Clariton but says to only use 'regular' Clariton - not the long acting.

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