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My Tough Little Cowgirl Needs Your Help

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Hello All,

Please send some good thoughts, prayers, etc. to my Johnnybegood. She is very ill right now. She finished her two rounds of steroids for low platelets with no improvement. On Tuesday, she had one infusion of Gamma Gobulin which left her with an unbearable headache. On Wednesday, she had a CT, but was not given the second infusion of Gamma Gobulin. Instead was put into the hospital for few hours for fluids, antinausea med, and pain meds. Hubby called Wednesday night and she was still vomiting at home. She went to ER later that night for more fluids. I spoke to her briefly yesterday and she is able to keep water and crackers down and told her to call me when she feels up to it. She sounded so sick.

Hubby said on Wednesday that her platelets are down to 30,000. I hope they will finally give her a platelet transfusion.

So she is needing all the love you can send. I am so worried.



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Prayers, light, strength---take it all that's coming her--and your---way.
Big hugs Wolfen.....

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Down to 30K?

Oh my!

((Mama)) + ((JGB))


I'm feeling alot of things right now...

We'll all worry with you...I sincerely hope that something can be done to not only help her - but not make her feel so bad in the process.

My thoughts will be of you both:)


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Like your new avatar, Craig.

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I'm sending good thoughts and prayers for strength and wellness to both of you!


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We are sending our thoughts and prayers.

Best Always, mike

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many prayers are coming to you all.
God Bless,

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Prayers and all good healing thoughts for your Johnnybegood. She is special to us all.

So sorry to hear she is going through such a rough time.

I know that the physical distance between you makes this all the harder for you.

Hugs and love to you all,

Marie who loves kitties

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Sending prayers her way!

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Oh my, I'm so sorry that she's feeling so bad. Prayers, sparks, good vibes and anything else I can think of are being sent her, and your, way tonight.


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Sending all the love, thoughts and prayers that I can.
I'm so sorry that you and your family are going through this.

Cathleen Mary
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Please know that good thoughts and prayers are coming from every direction. I am sorry that all of you are going thought this and I hope for relief soon.

Cathleen Mary

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Geez that is awful news. She is in my prayers. Those are very low platelets and I'm surprised that they haven't given her something more. She has to be feeling pretty lousy. Let her know I'm praying for her and wishing her a fast recovery. Hugs to her.


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Sending peace and hope to you and your family. Johnnybegood...your in my prayers. I pray for comfort and peace and Gods healing grace.


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I am so so sorry for this news. I know you suffer for not being closer to your girl.

and as for our Johnny this is so upsetting. she is the sweetest girl....

Johnny I am sending you all the healing thoughts and energy I can rally....I am an old girl but I'm gathering up my love for you girl and sending it south. Oh Johnny please please feel better....

your friend....mags

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praying for a speedy recovery..

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to both of you. Hoping she is feeling better very soon.


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I'm so sad hearing about our good friend and everything shes going through. Ill be saying lots of prayers that all get better. Jeff

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I know this is so hard for you. You know I know. Many, many prayers and positive thoughts for your precious girl. Hoping for good news real soon.


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I hope your girl is feeling better and able to get her infusions! It's bad enough when we are sick, but when it's our children....its a whole different thing.

Good thoughts your way, Gail

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Sending everything I have!!!
Winter Marie

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I hope she is feeling much better very quickly.

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Rough times :-(
Sending healing prayers and thoughts to Johnnybegood.

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I too am praying for Johnnybegood ... I hope she can get some relief from that headache and get those platelets back up to where they should be.


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and hopes for healing heading her way from Seattle. Please keep us posted on how she's doing. Many hugs to you both~Ann Alexandria

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sending her good vibes, love, healing and i will pray for her. you hang in there as well.

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JBG......praying for a quick recovery.

wolfen's picture
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Spoke to JBG today and she sounds a lot better. She's got those boxing gloves on and ready for the next round. Will get latest CT results on Monday and see what new plan is.

Don't ever doubt that good vibes, prayers, and love from friends can do wonders.



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Prayers, courage, strength, for your wonderful daughter. Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Vickilg's picture
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I am praying for you! My platletts have been low too and have delayed my chemo twice already. From what I am reading here, it sounds like a platlett infusion is what you need. I know nothing about it but I really hope it helps you and that it is something easy that will make you feel better. Big hug to you and your dad!


johnnybegood's picture
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want to thank everyone for their thoughts,vibes and prayers.there is POWER in prayer.i know my last scan results will not be very good as i have not had chemo since the week of july 15 because of low platelets.so onward we fight to see what plan we need to keep moving forward.thanks again.....Godbless....johnnybegood

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praying alot for you. hang in there!

marbleotis's picture
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My thoughts and prayers are sent your way!

pepebcn's picture
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But you sure know that I'm sending my prayers for you every day, best wishes and Love!

Buzzard's picture
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There is a plan just keep your eye on the big prize...this will be shortlived and you will be back on track soon...Love to you and mom..........buzz

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Praying that things will improve very soon!


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lots of prayers for johnny and you to wolfen. you are a good mum.


angelsbaby's picture
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praying for my brother who has gbm hes very week and i will pray for u too


wolfen's picture
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So nice to see you. I think of you and Angel often. I am sorry to hear that your brother is not doing well. JBG is improving slowly and will fight on. Remember, I am not too far away from you.



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Posts: 1171
Joined: May 2008

u live in az too? i am glad jbg is feeling better


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Me and the ponies are sending lots of horse kisses and gentle vibes to you. Hang in there girl!

love, Leslie

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