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What a mess!!

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My husband went for his 3 month CT scan Friday. He's a three year survivor of squamous ec. He gets a call that the CT revealed a hole in the esophagus and a blood clot in the vein of the liver.

Of course that means driving to the U of Chicago again in rush hour traffice which is horrendous. He gets there, no bed so it's sit in admitting. He sends me home before it's dark, no one wants to drive in the South Side of Chicago at night.

They hook him to ivs, nothing by mouth and nothing is done. Sat..nothing is done, Sunday nothing is done. Monday, a contrast test shows no leak. He is also told that what was seen on the CT were false images.

I'm very glad I wasn't there to hear that. We had to race him there like it was life or death and then find out this. Now he has to start eating all over and has lost weight again.

Unbelievable and of course they were going to put in a stent and a sleeve but not on a weekend since they don't have good outcomes on the weekend. Remember, no emergencies on weekends. I'm still fuming. It's never good when I'm fuming.

Oh and he is NED for cancer.


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Hi Jan!

I can so relate to your experiences. We have had many like that lately. My new motto is no scans/tests/treatments/etc. on a Friday, never again. Seems like the medical community pretty much shuts down over weekends, they are only there to make sure patient is stabilized. We have switched to Tuesdays for everything we schedule! Congrats on being NED again!

Sending lots of hugs and positive thoughts your direction,


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Weekends and Fridays,
Similar experience, we had a blood pressure drop and had to go to a local hospital. Everything was lined up to transfer to the cancer hospital Friday around 1:00pm. The Med. Onco pulled the plug on the transfer. Now it was Friday late afternoon, leaving us with little to no choices of getting to a cancer hospital with someone who would be able to help.
I should of called the local newspapers and said I needed help. "aaabbbcc fancy cancer hospital abandons patient"
As another has said, cancer treatment still seems to be a dice roll if you are going to get someone who knows what they are doing and cares or not.

Glad to hear the mistake was still healthwise in your favor. Love to see the letters "NED".
I hope you can get some rest after such an ordeal.

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Jan, Praise God for NED and false alarms, But no one should be put through these scares. Did he need the stent and sleeve or was this another false alarm?


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Sometimes I think hospitals just don't get it. As one hospital employee told my mother many years ago, "We can't treat this man (my father). He's sick." Duh. Why do you think the doctor sent him there.....

Sorry about the scare and trip.

Yay! for the NED!!


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