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Steved - can you post your picture before surgery?

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We all need a image of you before your surgery. Just been thinking about you and would love to see a picture of you and family.
Sandy :)

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Like to connect a face with a name. Thinking about you and upcoming surgery.


Cathleen Mary
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Joined: May 2011

Another way to look at it.....some of us choose not to post a picture to maintain some anonimity. For me, this gives me more freedom to share. Although that could hold for all of us, it may be more so for those whose 'other lives' are particularly public. I know it is a secure site, but....
At any rate, pic or no pic, we are all rooting for Steve!

Cathleen Mary

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Photo not needed... It's your choice and certainly isn't required.
Many choose to have photos of themselves, their cats/dogs, or of their incredibly handsome children :-)

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Thought about this over today and chatted to wife as I have always kept identifiable stuff off the Internet due to the work I do- I certainly wouldn't want some of my patients knowing this was me as I need to keep my personal life well away from them (I work in psychiatry with some rather challenging people who don't respect boundaries if they gain access to your personal life). I do appreciate the value of putting a face to a name and how mu
Ch more human it makes it-I loved seeing sundance on his video after years of just seeing a lions picture!

On balance I have decided not to post a picture but if people would like one simply pm me and I'll send one to a email account. It is strange to feel so close to people who don't know what I look like so have no problems with doing that- hope that is a fair compromise,


Brenda Bricco
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Awe, that is really kind of you... I don't know that I would post a picture of myself if I were in your profession. Now I wonder if you have diagnosed me through my posts...LOL just kidding. I was a little side ways before all of this cancer stuff so I am sure I am I need some psychiatric intervention soon!
In all seriousness I was nieve (probably in shock) when I created my account and used my real name; I have asked to change it but didn't get a response from anyone. The best thing that I can think is that I no longer have good credit so good luck stealing my identity, I don't even want to be me most days. ;)
I will imagine you as Fraiser on Cheers from now on unless you have a better idea (that's another joke). I like seeing pics of everyone but I can respect those that are leary of posting. I have to say that I have Lisa42's and Jennie's pics burned in my brain, I don't want to forget them; I don't want to forget anyone here.

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