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Nausea! Help needed....

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Hi Everyone..

I am starting my 3rd cycle of TCH tomorrow. After my first cycle they changed my anti nausea regime to include Emend, Zofran, Compazine and Ativan. This has kept me from vomiting but has not taken the nausea away. It lasts two weeks! I know that the horrible taste in my mouth has something to do with it but really...two weeks of nausea is crazy..

Has anyone tried anything (other than Eloxi) to help with severe nausea? Have you tried Marinol? medical marijuana is not legal in PA and I can't you know what ....because of work.

Any suggestions would really be appreciated... Wishing you all a "good day"!


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apples and/natural apple sauce helped me. I noticed you are in PA, I am too--what part? Also I stopped taking the compazine, that stuff made me me even worse.

Don't want to go into details but I have a friend who lives in CA who supplied me with another "remedy". That took nausea away completely and helped with pain too. I could even eat!

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I am in Allentown, PA and am getting treatment at The Morgan Cancer Center, part of Lehigh valley Hospital. Where are you?

I totally understand the "other " remeady. It is totally available to me but I am a nurse and we are opening a new hospital in 3 weeks. I just had to be fingerprinted and a little anxious that a physical including having to pee in a cup might be included....I am sure you understand. That is why I am asking my doc for a script for Marinol today.

That's so much


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I had bad reactions neurologically to Compazine back when they gave it to me when I was pregnant. I get vertigo a lot and sick from that and who knows what else I have going on. I like Phenergan. I can't remember the generic name for it. But that is my favorite. I haven't had chemo, but sure have the nausating feelings.
I hope your doctors can figure something out for you.
I have heard people on chemo talk of the BART diet...bananas,applesauce, rice,and toast for diarrhea...maybe that would help you out,too?
I know when I am nauseas, I like crackers, toast, ramen noodles, potatoes.I just have to find out what I helps calm the stomach down.

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I have also found that I can eat everything on your list... Just for a chuckle....we call it the BRAT diet. Same ingredients different order. It has been prescribed for kids with diarrhea for years that way...lol. However, nothing that I eat really makes the nausa go away..

I don't like Compazine either. I don't get a diatonic or any other reaction but in knocks me out for hours and I sm groggy why I am awake.

Still on the surcharge for something else.



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Have you tried ginger ale i drank it when i did chemo it helped me.


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Hi Tutti,
I had horrible nausea with AC and also with taxol. My chemo nurse recommended the Sancuso patch, it is a lifesaver. I didn't throw up when I wore the patch. I wore it on my upper arm and it gave a continuous dose of anti nausea drugs. It really worked for me. Love Surf

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oops,I typed it wrong, I meant BRAT lol.There are other different types of anti-nausea meds

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By not having chemo, I don't know what to write inre to helping you with the nausea. Looks like the pink sisters have offered some good suggestions. I hope some of them will help you, but if they don't, please let your onco know this and see if there is anything else he can prescribe for you. I am so sorry you are having to deal with this.

Hugs, Diane

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The patch that 1surfermom mentioned is probably a great idea. I used a similar thing, it was the patch usually given when traveling for motion sickness on a ship or plane. (don't remember the name right now) It was amazing, I felt soooo much better.

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I was given Eloxi and Emend and was never nauseous at all. I was on Taxtare, Carboplatin, and Herceptin. Good Luck.

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Someone gave me some type of ginger in candy form from the health food store. On my worst days I would tear off a tiny piece of it and put it under my tongue and leave it for as long as I could.

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I had TCH also. Yes, that foul taste in the mouth is so not pleasant! I used sugar free peppermint hard candies that I found at the drug store. I always had them with me and they did help. Hang in there!!

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Get a Ginger root at the grocery....grate it into a cup of hot water to make a Ginger tea...let it brew 4-5 minutes..strain and sip slowly....and if you drink Ginger ale make it Canada Dry....the only one with real Ginger ....

Hope you feel better soon..
Hugs, Nancy

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