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Anyone had experience with Xeloda?

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Lynne Logan
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Hi Ladies,

I still have 7 rads to go before I can start my new and stronger chemo. With mets to spine and ribs and previous chemo not helping....in fact I got another spinal tumor during chemo....my oncologist and I discussed my tendency to develop tumors while in treatment. With this in mind he choose to put me on Xeloda 3 times a day.
I just started taking it yesterday afternoon so I'm not sure of the side effects. I know I'm not feeling too good but rads have done a number on me so who knows?
I'm having problems taking it 1/2 hour after meals, which are not spaced in a way to follow the dosing advice. Plus I hate eating due to my esophagus being so burned and having no appetite.
Any advice on this oral chemo would be appreciated.
Hugs to all,

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I was on Xeloda last year for 7 months..on 1 week off one week....the only side effect I had was hair thinning...it was, for me, the easiest treatment yet....it gave me 7 months of a "normal" life...I took it until it stopped working for me....won't go into my long history...I'm on Avastin+ Carboplatin since March after I finished brain rads...it has made all the difference ..my tumor markers went from 98 to 34...normal range...I am in remission..words I never thought I would hear being stage IV....

Hopefully the Xeloda does the trick for you, Lynn....you are in my prayers, sweet one...hopefully the rads fatigue will be over soon...rest as much as you can...keep us updated when you can...

Big hugs,Nancy

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I'm thinking of you and sending up prayers....I thought of you and wondered how you were feeling during those few weeks when you didn't post..Just wanted you to know that!!

I have no experience with Xeloda, but I'm sure there will be more Pink Sisters that you'll hear from..

Take care and lots of hugs!

New Flower
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Hi Lynn,
Sorry that your markers are up, I am going for a blood test on Tuesday. Yes, it has been very unfair game for many of us, nothing we can do except keep changing our strategy and believing to be smarter than the *****.
I agree with Nancy, it has been easier than Taxotere/Cytoxan combo which I had 4 years ago.  I am Still working full-time, however this week fatigue has been hitting me and I am having  seconds thoughts about my busy schedule. I finished cycle # 5 and on a break for another two days
You need listen to your body and if something does not feel right contact your oncologist.
There are my tips
My menu varies, however major dishes are
Liquid Foods including soups, purée, yogurt, protein shakes, juices. I hope you will find your favorite foods because you have to. Even when I do not have appetite, I  have been eating because of Xeloda. Please do not take in on empty stomach. 
Taking Xeloda has forced me to Implement discipline for my eating habits, including a precise schedule for having meals almost at the same time every day 4 times ( two with Xeloda, one vit D3 & Ca). I also shop for groceries and cook in advance,while I am of Xeloda. 

Extra Liquids - twice as I normally drink, as it promotes dehydration, I often feel extremely thirsty.
Moisturizing your hands and feet is very important. 
If you have diarrhea or burning sensation and   redness of your feet and hands you should immediately contact your doctor.

Wishing you the best with Xeloda and hope you fatigue will subside shortly after finishing radiation.

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