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As I expected going in for the news to not be good, the news is even worse. In addition to the 2 lymph nodes that lit up on my PET in my Mediastynum area, the doc biopsied 3 more areas of tissue that also came back positive for cancer. All I know right now is surgery is no longer an option, the cancer in NOT cureable, only treatable, and I won't even know that until after my Wednesday appt. with my Onco Doc. The nurse did say there is Chemo options currently available, and hopefully I will have a treatment plan Wednesday.

Needless to say I feel like it's time to go coffin shoppin, but I am positive, and knowing I beat a very aggressive stage 4B cancer before, I can do this again. It is the lung diagnosis that has me freaked, especially in light of a few of my Head and Neck pals who died after the C went to the lungs.

I guess I will be a multi board subscriber now.

I will post an update Wednesday or Thursday.



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OK so I was sitting here having my very own pity party and then I read your post and realized I have much to be thankful for. I am praying for you. I know it is difficult to stay positive after that news, but hopefully there are others on this site who have been where you are and are thriving. Fight hard this is your life. There isn't anything I can say that will be helpful, but know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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can remove your concerns and fears over this news. Nothing we can say that will make you feel better, although I know people have survived the 2nd and sometimes 3rd fight with this dreaded disease. So just know you are in our prayers.

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Yes, I am banking on the good feedback from my fellow warriors who have had to go for more than one tour of duty.
I am strong, and more than willing to start and endure the worst of the worst treatments that are available. I have too much good in my life to give up on.

Thanks for your king and most usefull of thoughts.


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D Lewis
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So damned sorry to hear this news. Here's hoping that you will have more than enough treatment options, and here's hoping that the treatment knocks this evil stuff so far into remission that you never see it again.


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I know it is hard but don’t give in just yet, I know I don’t say much in words, but that is because I am always praying and you on the top of the list my friend.


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Prayers coming your way........

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Tonsil Dad
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Never give up Mike, just remember why you fought this long
in the first place. Its not over until its over... you have beat this
beast before you can do it again.
Positive thoughts and prayers are heading your way.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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That you didn't get better news. Don't throw in the towel just yet, hopefully there are a few treatments that you can choose from. People have had great success and my hope is that you will too. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Hondo, I am so glad I have you on my prayer team. I know if anyone here has God's ear, it is you. I returned to the catholic church for the first time in 6 years for 5 O'clock Mass yesterday. Ironically the last time I was in my church, I was a Pallbearer in the funeral of my next door neighbor who was taken from me at age 41.

I cried my eyes out because it took me this much grief and sickness to lean on God.

If I ever needed your prayers, it is now.



Kent Cass
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Very sorry to read this, my friend. I've got no clue on any new options for your lung issue, other than to suggest you do a major net search for anything new and cutting-edge. Yes- keep it in the Positive, and fight it- and keep fighting. If anyone of us can, Mike, it is you.



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I'm the new guy here (7 months) ....I have nothing to offer more than your long term friends on this site have ...but I do pray and I am adding you to my nighlty list (if you don't mind) and I will be praying you beat this round.

Best to you Mike, all I can say is that I care.


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Never do I read this on our board that I have to ask myself, where would I be if this were me....how would I feel, would I be scared, accepting.....willing to fight to the very last breath? I don't know. I am trying to walk in your shoes.

Tucking you in my pocket for extra prayers....let's wait till we hear what the docs say about management before we go buying any caskets, ok?


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Just wanted to acknowledge that I've read your bad news. Have little to add tonight. The doctors, for all their expertise, sometimes have broken crystal balls. My crystal ball is not very good at predicting the future either. Will say a prayer. Rick.

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Wow, this is a bit of a stunner. I am hoping they come up with something a bit more hopeful on Wednesday Mike. My thoughts are with you amigo. I know it is quite difficult at this point, but try to stay strong and keep fighting.


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I am sorry for what you’ve learned. None of us deserves this stuff. Here’s praying for a positive reaction from your body, you can do it again.

Bless you, give you strength!


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I am so sorry you got this shitty news. I am living every day with a cancer that is not cureable only treatable. But saying this, you have to try your best to get as much information from others that have walked this walk. There have been major advances with lung treatments and mets. Why are you sure surgery is out ? I'm keeping positive thoughts for these issues Mike, and as I said one day at a time. And yeah I've thought what you're thinking right now when I found out my cancer is not curable, only treatable. But beat the odds...just to show this demon we can and will kick it's *** ! Katie

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I was told no surgery as I have cancer in my lymph nodes in my mediastynum. Cancer could be everywhere??

I will still be pushing for surgery if it is possible.

Eddie J
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It aint over to the fat lady sings and i dont know any that can sing

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I am very new here, but wanted you to know I will be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. I can relate to the fear, I have been having a lot of it. Hang tough, fight hard, succeed .

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You have been there for me many times when I needed to vent and complain. You know where I'm at if you need anything.

Lucky to consider you one of my best friends.


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Greg, I am lucky to have become friends with you also. It really helps to have a friend who you can see and talk to.

Thanks for all of your support.


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The fights not over...stay positive.



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Doctors do not know everything. I was diag.with B.O.T and lung cancer 2011.They told my wife that maybe six mo. left.I weighed 115 lbs @ 5/9 and was in the hosp. for a week.Had 8 chemo.treatments and 36 rads to face and 36 rads to lungs.Passed my 2nd P.E.P scan and scoped twice---said they could not find any cancer!!! Only God knows when

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We'll be thinking about you, Mike.

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Thinking about you and the fight you have ahead of you. I've seen a lot of "treatable only" folks live a long long time - my mom is one.

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first, get the thought of going coffin shopping out of your mind

i will never forget my doc saying to me on jan. 24 1996, "there are two options, first option is you will survive, second option you will not survive, i believe you will survive" that was a long time ago, two weddings for my daughters, 3 grand children.

Mike, i know you can do this with the help from so many directions. Start with the man above.


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I am sorry you got bad news, but you can beat this again. Please do not give up hope. My prayers and thoughts are with you.



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Like many others I am at a loss for words. You've been here awhile so to see your post is alarming to say the least.

Your attitude is so great and also a little bit of humor left in ya. Like everyone else you are in my prayers and thoughts for a full come back.


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Sorry to hear the bad news. I am sending prayers your way. I read an article on Cesium and Aloe Vera. This man started treating patients with Cesium and aloe vera juice. He supposedly cured 30 out of 30 people. The Cesium supposedly kills the cancer cells. Anyway, you might want to google it. I do not know if it is true but he has a web site and has been sued by the Medical community even though he can list people who got better. Do not give up. Hopefully your doctors will come up with something.

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Pam M
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Hate to hear this news, but glad you are sharing with us. Like many, I assumed you had a better chance than the average survivor to avoid recurrance, because you're in better physical shape than most. From time to time, I let myself forget that life's not fair. Glad to hear there are chemo options available - hoping they can keep it subdued until docs have a chance to come up with a new battle plan.

Just bought a card for a co-worker with recurrance (lymphoma) that says "some days it's harder than others to hang in there". Keep putting forth the extra effort, Mike.

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On the one hand, I would keep pushing for surgery. On the other hand, I would not want to be operated on by someone who does not think the operation will help. On the third hand, I have a Swiss Army Knife, but no anesthesia. No skill either. No common sense either.

Barbara B
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Prayers are coming your way. Hold onto your own words, you CAN do it again. Barbara

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So sorry you have to go through the second round of this crap. You can do this, just put your head down and go for it. Don't ever give up. You are a fighter and things change all the time in this war, new options, better treatments, etc.
Just try to keep positive and talk to others with multiple occurances, Hondo is one for sure. He was given a very bad diagnosis as I remember, and he's still here helping others.
Keep up the fight Mike, don't ever give up.

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Fat fingers, sorry for the double post...not sure how to delete this once it's there.