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26 years old with Rcc

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I am the caregiver of my brother who is only 26 years old ,he has been diagnosed with Rcc July 2012 ,his Right kidney has been removed August 2012 the path came as:

Right kidney, radical laparoscopic nephrectomy + para-caval tissue biopsy:

Conventional Clear Cell Carcinoma
Tumor size : 5.2 cm
Furman unclear grade :G2
Tumor extent : Confined to the kidney
Renal sinus : Involved
Renal vein :Free
Hilar margin : Free
Ureteric margin : Free
Para-caval Tissue : Fibrofatty tissue

Tumore stage : pT3aNX

My questions are:
why the path staged his tumor as T3a since it's confined to the kidney ?
what about the survival Rate?

Any information would be much more appreciated

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26 years old! I'm so sad that he and you are going through this. The 'T3a' designation refers to the size of the tumor and also whether there is any other involvement. You said that the path report showed 'renal sinus - involved'. Am attaching a couple of links which should provide you with good information - I am a big believer that knowledge is power and with RCC you need to know as much as possible - not for 'fear factor' but to become an active participant in care, treatment and followup.



You've come to a good site here - people who are cured, people who are still fighting, people in clinical trials. Remember when you see your doctor(s) - ask questions - lots of questions - write them down before you go to the appointment. Doctors (good doctors) encourage patient participation and feel that no question is a stupid question.

Good luck to you both - my prayers are with you.


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Thank you LizB for posting those links I am happy that I found good people like you answering our questions and posting useful links ,this site is so helpful for me and many other new Kidney cancer patients & caregivers , I am still reading and learning more every day I hope I can help him get the treatment he needs.

Sorry for my bad English as I am not a native English speaker
Thank you again.


jason n
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I was 30 when I was diagnosed, 4cm confined to left kidney.
I am now 12 years out and still being checked, its almost impossible, but try not to worry too much, the odds are far and away in his favor for a long life.

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Jason n

I am very happy that you survived KC I wish you good health and many many years to live.
Could you tell me please about your stage,grade,treatment you recieved ?

I heard somewhere that RCC tends to be more aggressive in young people ! do you know any other young survivors who had T3a?

Thank you so much for your nice reply
Good luck.


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