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I just got surgery for almost a month now in stage 2 to 3. I have been waiting to go to the Chemo Doctor. i just don't know how do they do and how hurt is gone be and also are they gone give me pills or ... Please let me know. Thanks

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Not sure where you are writing from. For me the chemo-therapy has not been painful per se. There are, however, sometimes, side effects which are not a lot of fun. As for what regiment your Oncologist may prescribe...there can perhaps be pills. This has not been much help but perhaps you can share a little bit more about type of cancer and what surgery you had. Best of luck...

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Welcome to the CSN Board! We wish you the best, and send our thoughts and prayers for you.

Type of Cancer, location of cancer, will determine the Cehmo that is suggested for you. Some Chemos make you a little sick, and others can make you really sick. It is like having a headache and nausea at all times and hours. Then about the time that goes away, it is time to do another Chemo treatment.

There are symptoms of nerve damage, body changes that happen during chemo. (Different for each type of chemo.) Once you know more about the type of Chemo that you will be taking, then people can give you more input on what you are going to feel and how to help adapt.

Baby Wipes, Bananas, Electrolyte Replacement drink(gatoraid), I used Gigner for nausea, lomotil, etc... will be necessary items.

Best Always, mike

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