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Glad to be done
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We got talking at work today about recurrence and how they could definetly happen. I was just wondering. For those that have had one, how long after you were NED did you have your first one?

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9 months.

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18 months

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This beast is nasty and can recur, as we all know. It may be hard for to to imagine at this stage of NED that there were days during the those two years that I didn't even think of cancer except for the fact that I had a port.
((((HUGS)))) Maria

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Mom's came 1/2 years after her last chemo. Next recurrence came came 6 months after her last chemo. Now taking etoposide.

Hope this helps.

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I got my first after 6 months. Well actually 4 because I was having pains but didnt say anything and they found it on a routine ct s couple months later.

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Four years

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I've had Four since and they seem to be coming faster and faster.

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Now they are telling me I wont go back in remission I will be staying on chemo but if that is what keeps me alive then I am fine with it.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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Three months and nine months only..but I will take it..Val

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1rst recurrence 90 days, now 2yr NED Did an assay on the recurrence which reflected the 1rst chemo combo was a waste of time.

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