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New Blog Site esophagealcancerfighters.com

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Since the facebook site has limited ability to store historical stuff I am starting a new blog site to upload historical information and reference materials deleted from this site. I hope that people will provide critical information and participate in this site. It is esophagealcancerfighters.com and the email address is ECFIGHTERS@gmail.com.

It will take me a few days or a week to get it up and running and I am hoping for contributions posts - I am checking into how to set up a running comment section as well as Q&A's. I am not a tech person but hopefully will be able to get some assistance and support. I would ask that you send any files you have that you think should be included in the library to the gmail address so I can upload them onto the website. I have already paid for a year of service with dream host and am in the process of setting up a WorldPress.org account to help in designing the site.

I remember how essential the INFORMATION on this site was when we were fighting my dad's cancer, not to mention the support and concern and just knowing people got it. And yes sometimes I got my feelings hurt or didn't want to hear the message but I got over it and I took the best from here and forgot the other stuff. I just don't want it to be lost because it isn't CSN that makes this place special its the people that come here!

Anyway - please message me at the gmail address. The email here is neither private nor your own and subject to deletion by the administrator/monitor.

Cindy - ECFIGHTERS@gmail.com

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from an IT perspective.

We can put information on the Ecaware site, if needed.
Just a note on the IT side. There are some wonderful people trying hard to get EC information out to others on a few sites and discussion boards.

Overall on the worldwide web we are a small group. If you make a site, please try and add some links to the other sites. People can make their choices what to read, but mostly, trying to help that no one feels alone. The web is a good way to stay in contact additional to small in room support groups.

There is still work to be done to get google searching working better for EC, so links do help for now.

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Absolutely - great suggestion. I was intending on trying to link to ECAN and other sites including some of the hospitals. MD Anderson, UPMC, Hopkins, MAYO, SLoan and others as well. Some of this will take some work but hopefully we can link people to the Cancer Institute. Any sites or links or suggestions as well as feedback are welcomed.

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I just went to esophagealcancerfighters.com. Of course the site is still "under construction" so to speak but I did add it to my favorites and will check back everyday. I have a little expertise with websites (not a lot but a little) and lots of time if you need my help Cindy just say the word.


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Even though you created a new web site for us to go to, it would be nice to keep in touch her at this site so when we go here and we are new we won't feel alone. I see that It has been a year since anyone has posted on this blog. A lot has happened in a year, so you should be posting here as well. My son was just diagnosed with state 4 EC and they say he has a 5% chance of remission. They started Chemo and will start Radiation on Monday. He is not knew to this Cancer thing as in 1998 he had Testicular Cancer with mestastasis to his aorta. He went through 5 rounds of Chemo with Radiation. And they say that this time it has no connection and that it is a different kind of Cancer. It was in his DNA. Round two here we go again. This time he is going Alkaline 90% and vegetarian, juicing as well. For the gentleman who won't give up cigaretts, fast food or meat, I will pray for you as you sound like a wonderful man, but you will need prayers to help you as you are not helping yourself get well. If you pray to God to help heal your body, you have to also do the things to clense it. Gershon's Theory and the Alkaline diet seem to be the right thing to help your body heal. As far as additional things likeCell Quest, darn right I would try it even Laetrill which is B-17 (apricot seed) another one they claim is great is Colloidal silver, Oranic food: vegetagbles and Fruits. Soursop which is Guanabana. Another Gentleman claims his cancer disappeared from the use of Baking Soda and Molasses. (2tsp. baking soda plus 1tsp.Molasses warm in 1Cup pot of water) drink 2 times daily and increase to 3 times daily. Others have found the PH factor to be important. There are many natural cures out there on the internet and I would try all of them. You have nothing to lose but your life if you don't. Good Luck and God Bless you. If my son tries them and gets inprovement, I will certainly post it on here and let you know his progress. I will share what I know and find out. God Speed and my best goes out to you.

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messages are not totally private anywhere, and are subject to deletion EVERYWHERE on the WWW


With a subject matter like this - moderation is essential.  For example  messages that defamed a named medical professional would have to be deleted, and rightly so.


So why not just do the business in one location ... i.e. here ...

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That post is referring to information that was shared by a very informed Stage III SURVIVOR.  Unfortunately, due to some relgious comments made by that individual, they are no longer a part of this forum and the insightful information that he shared was removed.  The loss of the quality information that he was able to provide is HUGE.

Nothing more is intended to be implied - as I read it anyway :)




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face book does have private groups and yes still has a moderator or the person who starts it can delete post. One reason I am not here much anymore is its very slow and most of the knowledgalbe help is now on face book. The reason for that is manely due to this site booting one off for their own views and mentioning prayer. The man may have had his religious view but he also wrote thoses who did not agree did not need to read his post... This site is also hard to get back to what I want to find where at face book I can save everything in a file or add a file to help others. I have tried messaging people on here several times with only a few responses .... I would love to be here and pass on more information but I have difficult time on thise site and with dealing with my sick husband I perfer the faster easier face book posting..


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what is the facebook page for this

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Copied from a post by LauraAndLarry

if you are on facebook you really should consider joining CSN Esophageal Cancer Group. You can send me a friend request and I will add you. There are always so many responses to questions that you may have. I have found it to be such a blessing. My facebook is Laura DeSmith. There is also a spouse/partner pritvate group that is very helpful as well that nobody else can see...a very special place.

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