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First meeting for me in support group !

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Hello everyone !
It won't be til Oct. 1st...but living in a small rural community they have one 3x's a year. I asked if there was anything I could bring...we women around here like baking or at least always think we need to bring something to contribute. The little gal said yes, good information and good topics. This is where you all come in by the way my friends. I would love to share your humor, and some of your stories besides mine. I know we have different dx's but saying this you have become a BIG part of my life. Any ideas to pass along or advice to get this group more involved with life would be awsome ! It will be nice to actually sit down with another person who has been through some of the same emotions I have face to face. (maybe) Going into the clinic yesterday...and having the same nurse (who by the way is a sweetheart) ask me for the 15th time, so that was really cancer you had in your neck ? And then having to explain again...yes it's still there just not the tumor. I have decided that cancer is cancer is cancer. We all face the same testings...maybe some of the same tx's, and definately the same emotions. Thanks for any and all input my friends ! Have a wonderful day ! Katie

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I started going to group a couple of years ago. We don't meet in the summer either. Katie, unless you are a featured guest speaker on a particular topic, there is no way you could script a group meeting. It generally becomes apparent who is suffering the most and why, and a good group will quickly figure it out. A group does need some direction and prodding and hopefully someone is already in that role. We have talked about, symptoms, treatment, work issues, insurance, surviving issues of multiple complexities and varying degrees of disease progression and coping with progression. Best to just let it happen and talk about what is affecting members at the time. We eat like starved marooned pirates so bring along some goodies.

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Thanks for the input ! I will take your advice and listen....and share where I can. I guess just being there for one another is the most important thing. I haven't worked in over a year and a half and sometimes want to get involved more than is needed. Goodies I can and will do ! But I guess just going is a BIG step for me ! Thanks for the info on how some groups work ! I really do appreciate it ! Katie

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