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Colon Cancer Stage 2b Survivors?? Anybody??

Just wondering how many colon cancer, stage 2B survivors are here?
Did you do chemo or no?
How long has it been since dx?
How are you doing?

Thank you!!!


  • Walking Miracle
    Walking Miracle Member Posts: 1
    Colon Cancer Stage 2B

    Yes, I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, Stage 2B, 15 years ago. I went through colon resection and also 6 months of chemotherapy. I am still cancer free after 15 years and very thankful for that.

  • mrsdw48
    mrsdw48 Member Posts: 5
    1 year and 2 months rectal

    1 year and 2 months rectal cancer stage 3 survivor. Did chemo/rad for 8 weeks, surgery then 6 mos of chemo.  I am doing fine, pet scan every three months to watch. Just had a colonoscopy, no cancer there.