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Round 5 done

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Hi all!

Had my two days of infusions- all went well. Home resting and being spoiled by my daughter and husband. And of course Max my dog. :)

Will have final round in October.( Getting bendamustine/ofatumumab miracle mix) Just found out yesterday that I will have maintenance - One full day of Ofatumumab infusion every other month for two years. Didn't see that one coming... but should take me closer to a full Remission with God's grace.

Thanks for all the support, prayers, and love.


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Hi Donna

What great news. Almost done. Sorry that you had to hear about the maintenance every other month. But if you get to a full remission then it will have been worth all the hassle.

You are such a strong lady and I am cheering you on.

It's so nice to be spoiled by your loved ones. My hubby has been so great at being a caregiver. He should get a trophy....

Rest up and just enjoy living.

Hugs to you

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Remember how daunting all of this looked back at the start? Remember how horrible you felt at diagnosis? Contrast all of that to this cheerful post and give thanks for simply waking up each morning! God's grace, indeed!

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Hi Donna,
I'm so glad you are allmost finished. The maint time will fly by...I can't believe I will be done with my 2 year Rituxan in February...3 more and done! Yours will go fast too! You sound so good Donna. Love you...Sue

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Lisha,Po, and Sue, and all,

Thank you so much for your posts. I know that my strength is coming from places that I don't even recognize. But much of it comes from knowing you and ALWAYS knowing that on this sight I get nothing but the truth as well as support and love. What a gift!

As we walk (or run) this journey together and share our stories it has this beautiful effect on all of us, doesn't it? Sometimes this can feel lonely. The people that help us and support us at home just can't "quite" get it sometimes, God knows they try. I'm glad they don't know it - because that would mean they have experienced it! However, I know I can always share with you and unfortunately you all do understand it all too well.

Sue, you are right. The maintenance has gone fast for you and I'm confident mine will as well.You have bravely done it! I have to admit I had to wrap my head around it a bit- I thought I would hit Remission by the end of October, but not so. I also thought I would be able to get away from the devil's drug for awhile- the prednisone!! Hate it!!
With my treatment continuing and with my intestinal issues still there it just changes what I thought the immediate future would look like. But I'm adjusting to the idea and it will be fine. My oncologist and gastroenterologist are working together on my issues with my intestines and will let me know their plan this week.

Lisha- you have had such a rough road lately. So happy to see your post and hope that every day brings you continued healing.

Po-Thank you for the support. I hope things are going well for you as well.

So- my heart is full. God is with me, I have so much love and support from you all, friends, church family, Husband, daughter, etc.... the best medical team I could have. Life is Good.


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Hey Donna,

Big hugs coming your way.
Lisha, we miss you and I hope you are doing better!


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Hi Donna, praying for that full remission! Vinny

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Donna, what you said about the road we travel together struck me as profound and I sure appreciate it. As much as the people around us love us and want us to be better they can't fully understand in the ways our fellow travelers can. And speaking of roads, if the new one you must take gets you to the "land of remission" then it will have been worth the ride. All my best to you Donna and to all our fellow travelers. Aaron

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