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Starting Nexavar tomorrow

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Well its been quite a ride since last October when a 17cm lesion was removed from my left lobe, 5 months later I had 5 lesions on the liver, I received a embolization which killed 4 of the 5 lesions and the fith one was half dead.
Well that was in May, last month I had an MRI done and it showed the lesions grew back and some new ones appeared as well. It has spread to my portal vein and there is a tumor near the bottem ventricle of the heart
They told me that they are just stating to do RFI at Sloan but it had higher risks. Also doc said he did not feel my liver was not healthy enough for a clinic trial
which surprised me because I am was always very active person and the doctor who did my embolization that I was in pretty good shape and I should be a candiate for the trials.
I am experiencing bloating from the fluids in my abdomen and I have had a cough which produces clear flem, I was on an antibodic for 10 days, also feeling some nausea, so I am supposed to start Nexavar tomorrow but honestly I am afraid that if it fail its the end of the road.
thanks for the ear and positive comments about nexavar are welcome
thanks for reading folks!


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to whomever this is (I didn't see a name) I have some rare cancer called fibromyxosarcoma. I have had it in all kinds of places and it has been going on for 18 years now. The tumor is on my aorta and Vena Cava now. In December 2008 they gave me weeks, then in February of 2009 they put me on Nexavar. Since that time the tumor has not grown or spread. So, I have to say the Nexavar is working.
Also I saw you mentioned Sloan Kettering so you are in really good hands. Have you met Dr. WIlliam Tap? I believe he is Oncology CHief there now. He used to treat me at UCLA.
So, stay positive, God bless you.


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Are you having any problems with the Nexavar?  My mom will start on it afew weks fter h fnishes radiation. Any info about tis would b very helpful.  thank you

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