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Hi Ladies,

Today is my first post-treatment birthday (24!) and I'm having a hard time with it, reflecting upon the last year, despite being on a wonderful vacation to visit a friend of mine and spend some much-needed time at Disney World. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this group! My question is, how have you handled the emotional trauma that your diagnosis/treatment has taken? I finished treatment in February and still have the emotional issues. I hate to bring my family/friends/support team down by burdening them with this, they've already been through so much with me this past year!

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although I am sorry you have reason to come here. You will find a lot of support from the wonderful ladies on this board.

We each deal with this journey in our own way. You are very young so you have issues I did not have to face at 62. I found this board after my initial chemo and debulking surgery. I was at a low point because I was overwhelmed by the whole process. It was a great help to find women going through the same things I was.

When I finished treatment I went to six sessions with a therapist. I had read that there is sometimes a let down after treatment is completed. During treatment we are geared for battle with the dreaded disease but when the treatment ends you get a feeling of now what? I actually felt really good but the sessions were offered through my job so I figured I would take advantage of it.

There are support groups out there too. I know what you mean about bringing the people around you down. I do not talk about my illness much because I don't want to be the voice of doom or as I say I don't want to be considered the "cancer girl."

I try to keep busy. I go to yoga and a weekly hike with my cancer support group. I attend Weight Watchers trying to overcome a lifelong battle with my weight. I am retired now so I am free to do as I please. I get together with friends but most are still working so they are busy.

Give yourself time. You have gone through so much. We are here for you whenever you need us. Feel free to express yourself however you need to at the time. I have come here sobbing, angry, lonely, scared but also many times to share good news. I always can count on some loving words.

I am glad you found us.


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Welcome to our group, I am praying things will be ok for you. God bless you

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Welcome to the group. Sorry you had to find us. You don't really say what emotional issues with which you are dealing.
It is not uncommon to experience depression with the experience you have been through. Anti-depressants are a great way to get through this rough time.
Seeing a counselor would give you the opportunity to express your feelings, without burdening your friends and care takers.
There is always a fear of recurrance. But there is plenty of information out there that shows us how to be proactive to help avoid this through diet and lifestyle. The book "Anti-Cancer" by David Servan - Schreiber is a great resource.
I hope you find what you need to get you through this tough time. It isn't easy for anyone.

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I'm so glad that you found us. It can take a very long time to adjust to the "new normal" post cancer diagnosis. We'll be right here for you. You can share your thoughts and fears without having to worry about making friends and family upset. Welcome.
((((HUGS))) Maria (6 year survivor)

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I understand completely how you feel. After treatment I made a proactive choice to seek therapy I also do acupuncture and martial arts . It's all helped so much. I have been NED for a year and 3 months. I will be celebrating my birthday next week, 33 yrs old! You can do this just make the choices to help yourself. All the best

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I have been in treatment for two years and still would be in it if not for having to have a back fusion. But my ca125 is a twelve and this has been the longest period of time that it has stayed stable. I feel like I don't know what to think or act. But I won't waste this good time by questioning it too much,try to enjoy each day, do what is important to you.
Come here often, these woman have saved my life, if I couldn't,t have come here to share my feelings about this disease I can't imagine how I would be coping
I like the saying Live, Love,Laugh but I would add Cry to it . It is important to let out all the feelings you are going thru. This is an excellent place to share but you usually can find a "live " support group also if you need to connect in person.
Happy birthday and many more!

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Hi Paige
Sorry you are part of the club! But welcome!! I hate cancer. It breaks my heart that you are so young. However maybe that will help you to stay well. You have youth on your side. I finished treatments at end of May. Have up and down days. However doing things I know will help my body helps to bring my emotions up. Also prayer. Reading Gods word is powerful as well.
Love to you

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