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Our Anniversary

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45 years ago today Doug and I were married. I miss him, but today I am going to concentrate on celebrating the time we had together. We were blessed with a wonderful family and friends. We didn't get the chance to grow really old together but we did, in many ways, grow up together. We met when we were 18 and married at 21. Our love only deepened through the years. Yes, I miss him, but I can't imagine what my life would have been like without him. Today I will celebrate our life together. Today I will remember what we had rather than what I lost. Blessings everyone, Fay

Cindy Bear
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How lovely and beautiful.. you grew up together.Yes celebrate his love and his life. I will be thinking of you today and in the days ahead. Big hugs,

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God bless you, Fay. I hope you did something special for yourself. You are a strong woman.

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Hope you had a good day, Fay. September is a lovely time of year to have a wedding - a time of new beginnings in so many ways. It must have been very special to y'all.

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Thank you for the blessing, and sharing your story. It is nice to see the words "Happy" and "Anniversary" together. Like yourself I have known my husband since 16, 35 years.
Love is always yours.
Hugs to you, and as my daughter saids "meow,meow"

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When I mentioned our Anniversay in church, the couple next to me invited me to breakfast. They are a couple I have known by sight but never gotten to know. I was also asked by others to join them. It was very nice. I did manage to celebrate most of the day with good memories. We married on Labor Day weekend thinking that would always give us a three day weekend to celebrate. Then my husband went into an occupation that required him to work most weekends and definitely holiday weekends. What's that saying about the best laid plans? Thank you everyone for your good thoughts and wishes.

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I am one week into this, and have NO CLUE what you're feeling. But I appreciate your sharing, as these special days come up for me. My son's birthday is coming up, and as usual my wife took care of sending a card/gift. My birthday follows, and she's not here to surprise me with something.

Thanks grandmafay!

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Sorry a bit late but here's a toast to your celebration of your life with Doug.

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