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Do you have a pet? Want to tell us about them?

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I "borrowed" this topic from "Susie09" on the breast cancer board. (Thanks, Susie09!)

My hubby and I have a black and white (mostly black) cat, Mr. Kitty, who was a stray and "adopted" us about seven years ago. He's my baby and my hubby's buddy and he rules our household. We also provide food and water outside to about three neighborhood cats who come and go as they please. We call them Snickers, Knee-Hi (because the paws and lower legs are white, like knee-hi socks), and Marmalaide (orange tabby).


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A year ago this weekend, my sister and her family "adopted" a little yellow kitten named Ginger. She's a sweetheart, but is not a "lap kitty." I love it when a kitty jumps up in your lap. She will lie beside you though. She's very spoiled, but we all love her!! :)

Prior to my husband's death 2 yrs. ago we had always had dogs. My son has someone keeping them in TN since he too does not have a place for them. I love animals.

The most unique pet we ever had as kids was a groundhog. Growing up in Southern Indiana, they are frequently ran over by cars. Anyway, my Dad found a baby groundhog whose mother had been killed. He brought it home. Our Mom got up at nights and fed the silly thing. He (or she) hibernated during the winter. On Groundhog's Day he came up the house. Dad released him out in the wild, as he was afraid he could bite someone. This was in the late 70's.


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Good topic and since you asked :). I have 3 cats (yes I may turn into a cat lady). Jasmine, beautiful calico - not a lap cat doesn't even like to be held but always purring and right there (yes, she's a stalker), Doc - long hair orange cat has the best tail ever on any cat - he's the biggest cat but the most gentle, and Stinky (oh, official name is Tasha but she only knows Stinky!), Shes the youngest and the littlest (full grown but only 6 pounds) but she is the meanest one, shes black and white. When I fall asleep on couch watching tv, Doc and Jasmine are behind me on the back of couch sleeping and Stinky sleeps on my lap. So in the whole house we all are on one little section of the couch!

I also have 2 horses that I love... Digit, bay gelding that is 1/2 quarter horse and 1/2 throughbred (my first horse ever) - he is what we call my "heart horse" or equine soulmate. He knows how am feeling and is the best friend I ever had! Easy, his brother, is a dark bay Trakehner (breed is from Prussia) - he is my trailhorse and is a sweetheart. He taught alot of kids how to ride but I think he's enjoying retirement now. Had to teach him to like peppermints and other treats, Digit has a real sweet tooth and loves skittles!

These are the other members of my family. Can't imagine life without them!

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when my beloved cat "Fifty-fifty" passed away. I am reluctant to get another cat although I am the cat lady of the family. I don't want to be tied down (in case I decide to leave my house to actually do something once in a while) and I am enjoying the lack of cat hair, barf and no litter box to clean. I do miss having a little furry friend to talk to and cuddle.

A cat I call "Red" because of his coloring has been coming into my yard for a while. At first his visits were infrequent. I gave him an occasional bowl of milk and scolded him because judging by how he looked, he was getting into fights.

In the past couple of months his visits have increased. I sometimes see him laying on my patio furniture when I get up in the morning. He has been visiting almost every day. I let him in the house a couple of times but he got too familiar which cats are known for.

There is also another cat who visits sometimes. I think it's a female. She is tri-colored and I was once told by a vet that tri-colored cats are female. I call her "Micaela" which is a nickname my grandma called me as a child. This cat will not get close to me. I sweet talk her but if I try to get too close, she runs away.

So for now I guess this is as close as I will get to having a pet.


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I have a cat thats mostly gray with white boots and white spots on his face with a black spot on his lip. His names piccaso. I also Have 2 dogs a 9 year olds tri-collie named cassie and a 3 year old rescue dog hes half german shepard and half whippit named Bitty. He is the sweetest thing ever but he is terrified of everything and everyone because he was abused. He loves the cat though they snuggle with each other. I miss them so much right now I can't wait to go home and snuggle with them.

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I have three dogs and two horses. Two of my dogs are Whippets. The one in my photo didn't leave my side during treatment(I'm told she looks more like a goat in this photo). The younger Whippet was my gift to myself once I had gotten well enough to raise a puppy. I told her I would do my best to stay around to see her grow old. The third dog is a Terrier mix. She has taught me a lot, because Terriers are a little unstable. Yes, she takes Prozac every morning, but she is mighty cute.
My horse is a Spotted Saddle Horse, and my husband's horse is a mystery mix, Fox Trotter and Mustang...Maybe? Both are bay Tobiano's, mine is dark bay, his is reddish bay. Although my husband swore he would never ride, last year he got his horse so we could go trail riding together. :)

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It's so clear that you all have (or had) wonderful pets. Truly, they are our companions and members of our family. As pet owners, we really can understand the unbreakable bond between human and beloved pet.


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kimberly sue 63
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I'm a dog lover. I have two dogs; Hecules who is a bichon-poo and Mehla who is a westie. They both are great dogs. I also babysit a chocolate lab named Ace, who spends 2 months with us for summer, 1-2 weeks in the winter and another 1-2 weeks in the spring. He is the sweetest lab I ever met! Kim

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When I was growing up I was abused by my father, one of the things he did was if I did not do what he wanted he would either take me outside and shot my dog in front of me or poisin it so I could watch it die (yes he is a very bad man). I tell you this to tell you I have two dogs (never thought I would ever be a dog person again) and two cats lets start with the dogs.

1. Behymer's Lord MacTavish AKA Mac was his regishered name (sorry spelling is really off today I have been sick). He was a west highland terrier he was my first dog as an adult I got him because my mom had bought his sister Behymer Lady MacTavish AKA Tavi and when we went to get her Mac came up to me and licked my toes, I picked him up and he melted into my chest I was a goner. He got cancer at 10 years old and I had to put him down two months before I found out I had cancer, he healed my heart when it came to dogs. I still miss and Love him so much!!!!!

2. Molley May she is the one in the picture she is almost two and her coloring is white with brown patches that seemed to grow after every trimming. I will do my best to spell her bread Shuiztu I know that is not spell right. I got her about three months after I lost Mac I Just could not be without a dog. I got her from the pound she came to me and when I picked her up she put one paw around my neck, cuddled into my neck, and gave me a hug, again I was a goner, She had been a very good dog she loves to sit on my lap for a rub down lol, she also walks around the house and spends time with every one.

3. Phyllis Cat AKA PC ok first let me explain Phyllis that is my first name but I like going by Anne my middle name. PC was a stray grey and white cat that was 9 years old. Some kid threw up on top of one of the housed in my complex so I paid 80.00 to have him taken down, because I know if he stayed up there he would die I had to put him down after 9 years because his stomach stopped processing food at all so he was slowly starving to death. Losing him seemed harder because I now had lost two animals. PC was the coolist cat ever he would sit on my lap and sleep when I slept and was just a lover about a year before I found out about the cancer he started laying on my stomach with his paw streached out over all of my stomach. I think he knew I had cancer and was taking care of me. I got her only a month after PC passed away I still miss and love him a lot.

4. Emma oh what can I say about her that grey and white samll version of PC and a little sh.......it lol, she is a small cat and only weight around 6 pounds. My dad calls her and I am so sorry spelling really off today Alkida because she terrorizes the dogs. When she first moved in as a rescue she sat in my lap for seven hours streight until I finally had to get up to go potty lol. when she got down both dogs chased her up stairs and forced her under the bed soooooooo she now stalks them and chases then so she can pow them on the butt or anywhere else she wants. her favorit thing to do is to let them get half way up the stairs then run after them and just as they are almost in the room she pows their butts and that is how whe got the name alkida lol. she was a love for around a month with me always sleeping or laying on my lap. Then when my cancer came back and started to grown she left my Lap and never came back. She now lays on the arm of the couch with her butt touching the couch and her head lying on my moms arm. She is still my cat and will come to me when I am sitting at the table and when she sees me going toward the bathroom she runs as fast as she can so she can be in the bathroom with me I call her my bathroom cat lol. Her favorite thing to do is play fetch I know you all are thinging wait you said you had a cat and I do. I take napkins and ball it up and throw it across the room, she then runs as fast as she can to get them and knock them around a little and them she brings them back for another throw. She will sit and do this for around 45 minutes she is an awsome cat.

Well know that you all are thinking we should have never asked this question that is all of my family............welllll not really

my mom has the following..............

1A. Tavi 10 years old a west highland terrier that is full of life and a diva

2A. Sweetie 7 years old we thought if we gave her that name it would be like possitive thinking wellll not so jwell on her when she was little but now she is just that. Now that is it. Are you sorry you aked me lol.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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Sorry all did not mean to talk so much about my four legged family.


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You can say anything and everything on this board. We're hear to listen (well, actually read, but you know what I mean!).


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You, Anne, are clearly a woman with so much love to give! Your cats and dog family members are very lucky to have you!!!

I have a miniature poodle named, Lola, who is only 5 months old. She's a sweetie!

I have a Seal Point Himalayan cat who is ridiculously lovable and affectionate! She's 2.

We also have a rescued all white cat named Sarafina who is 8

I love our four legged family members... They bring joy to our family!


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My turn to brag!

My girl, Lola is a very beautiful and very large Newfoundland. She is the sweetest dog and very spoiled. When she was younger she would pull my grandkids in the wagon we hooked her up to. She has bad hips, so no more pulling wagons.
She thinks that she is a lap dog and trys to get up real close to snuggle. She sits on your feet if you are sitting and burys her head in your lap. She weighs around 160 lbs.
She is our third newfy and the biggest one we have ever lived with.
I have a great photo of her on my expression page #2.
We also had a great kitty, Goldie who passed away a few years ago. She was 22 years old and was the boss of the family, including Lola. She even taught Lola how to wash her face. Lola is the only dog I have ever seen lick her paws, like kittys do and then wash her face with her wet paw.
I miss my Goldie, but am not ready to get another right now. Lola is getting older, she just turned 10.

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AKA known as Marley, is our cream colored English Golden Retriever. He is twelve now, but goldens always think they are puppies. He'll lay at mt feet for hours when I'm down for the count after an infusion. Animals just seem to have that six sense of knowing what you need. My son's family lost their beloved golden a couple of weeks ago and are getting another from the same breeder that they got their marvelous, sweet, and loving last dog. So, I have a grand-puppy coming in about two weeks! I'd enjoy having a cat of three, but we're all allergic to them. I've always been a dog lover and have the pleasure of sharing my life with some remarkable dogs.
((((HUGS))) Maria

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Tina Brown
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No pets but my daughter has a very cuddly cat who lets me cuddle him. My son has a playful dog who is bonkers, a very independent cat who only lets me stroke him for about 2 minutes and 2 cute rabbits who are so entertaining as they hop around the garden.

Oh my sister has a labrador - not a dog, a labrador and anyone who has a labrador will understand where I am coming from. He is black and the most obedient and loving creature ever.

I get lots of comfort from them all

Tina xx

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The first and most important thing to remember is that she's a cat, not a very short, 4-legged person. It also helps to realize that she will likely think of you as a very large cat, admittedly with some peculiar non-cat foibles (such as an appalling lack of talent at mice-catching). Try to look at things from her viewpoint--she really does have a reason for what she's doing.

Second, never, ever hit your cat. I have found that an attempt to be reasonable, as odd as that may sound, works best. (Example: Stanley was in the habit of taking other cat's tidbits out from under their nose; he'd been doing it for years. As I was sitting on the kitchen floor one day, giving out handouts, I observed him doing this - I pushed my hand up into his face, pushing him back slightly, and said, "Stanley, we DON'T steal from each other." He hasn't done it since; in fact, he looks up at me to ask permission to eat another cat's leftovers when they walk away.)

Using the same reprimand word works best - though I tend to talk in full sentences to my cats (they are, after all, much more intelligent than anybody else's cats), most people find that simply saying "NO!" in a firm, no-nonsense voice for all infractions works well. If he won't listen, keep a squirt bottle of plain water handy (be sure to keep the bottle away from your children, so they don't use it as a toy against your cat). Or toss your keys toward him - not at him - so the noise will startle him. At least one of my cats can't tell where a whistle comes from, and she looks over her shoulder somewhat nervously when she hears one - so if she's being "bad," I whistle and she almost always stops what she is doing.

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