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qigong free training course

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I had an hours free private class with master yang.

I am being trained with the intention of corrupting other gullible cancer patients into the black art of qigong therapy.

its expensive, about zero dollars, so i should be able to retire on this scam.

master yang, has some great techniques.

i went to his house by the beach, not far from the kids school.

i stood with my back to the warm sun for an hour, and pretended to hold a big ball.

here is the complex part, breathe and think of nothing.
thats it. i reckon i can teach this stuff.

none of my cancer friends will make this free training a priority, so it will be just me next monday, wednesday and friday at 9am for an hour. we have a green tea after the class.

i was sad, my dear friend louise loved qigong, she died from breast cancer over a year ago.

if anyone is interested in learning qigong from its newest trainer, well ask any questions here, otherwise i will just post on my rarely visited blog.


Ps good qigong is all the skill of the teacher, mr yang has me impressed, he is not greedy, he just wants to save lives. he is my kind of guy.

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I did qigong when first dx... was fabulous .. its expensive here in houston so i discontinued for the time being but i think there were some results for sure -

my friend who referred me had Stage III colon ca in 2010 and had only done qi, no chemo/rad/surgery .. after 6 weeks of qi, his cbc was normal and he never went back to doc...
i keep pushing him to go get a scan done but he goes back to qi instead lol.

where is your master yang? I wonder if its in my road trip zone ...

keep it up

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its so cheap here, free personal classes with master yang, over an hour each.

i real am getting into the practice of qigong now, its taken me about 10 months, you need a really good teacher.

master yang is in sydney, if you come over i will teach you the basics for free.

i have committed to being trained as a trainer on the 6th of october for a week long course.

I will then be able to run the qigong training course at the two cancer centers i visit.

i think qi first and then other options.

how this combo yoga / qigong discipline works so well, i have my guesses.

what i like is that its actually keeping my work and family stresses under control.

so i have peace of mind, i feel grounded, i am happy

be well. and thanks for replying, its sad how one of the cheapest and easiest alt therapies has so little interest amongst so many that would benefit. that applies to real life and to cyber space, alas.

Its scary but i have been told to target 5 hours a day in practice. As soon as i get my business fixed that will be my goal. calligraphy yoga has effectively replaced my old yoga and all the exercise regimes.


ps just google pete and qigong, you should see the earlier qigong posts and links re this qigong practice, the utube is what i do in the group classes.

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I'd like more info....God knows we could use some stress relief here. I just googled it for my area and come up with acupunturists? Which we aren't against either, but I'd love to hear any info you'd like to share - or point me to your blog.

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The Mayo Clinic recommends Tai Chi. I used Tai Chi and Meditation while doing Folfox for nauseau and to promote healing and better sleeping patterns. I would be interested in learning more about Gigong.

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its all got the same intention, but i guess its what form of relaxation therapy has the most clinical benefit, for me the oxygenation of qigong as well as the stillness really helps.
i did a little more reading on qigong. lots on the net, trouble is finding the good stuff.

then the real benefit comes from applying it. i'll post some stuff here.


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