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Met with the Radiation Onc MD today

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I was supposed to start radiation/ chemo on Tues 9/4, but the she ( the doctor) said I need a PET scan because there was lymph node enlargement, and following the PET scan, will need CT planing scan. She is doing IMRT, and said radiation would last 6 1/2 weeks.

My tumor is 7 cms long and goes almost completely around the anal walls, and because of the size, is in the rectum as well. Because of the size, she will use higher doses of radiation.

She was VERY black and white, stated that I can expect the more severe symptoms, and to not plan on being able to work after week 3, maybe sooner than that.

My past history involves IV drug addiction,( recovovering since 1997) and while I have bene upfront about this since day 1, I am worried about pain control and the doctor being hesitant to medicate me. After talking to her, I do fele better about that ( to a degree)

I am just frustrated about this delay, I want to get started.

I appreciate having all of you here to vent to and know that I feel better expressing my fears here, to you who understand.



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I'm sorry your treatment is being delayed, but it's better for your docs to have the most information possible before proceeding with treatment. I know you are anxious to get started and get it over with, but your docs are covering all bases, so to speak. You will get through this, just hang in there!

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I know this is scary. The treatment can be rough, it's more the effects of radiation that can be uncomfortable and painful. That is usually not early on, it's more towards the end of treatment and it more around (at least for me anyway) when you need to move your bowels. Fighting cancer is a test of our emotional, physical and for some spiritual will. I found that controlling my thoughts helped me get through it. The power of what our minds can do is incredible when we focus very hard. You've already overcome something monumental and if you had the power and preservance to do that you will find the endurance to get through this. Think strong, talk strong, be strong.
Wishing you strength and healing,

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Boy I sure understand your frustration and fear with the delays. Be greatful that you have a doctor that doesn't want to rush to treatment, but one that wants the right treatment for you. In regards to the pain meds, addiction is entirely possible, due to no fault of your own, but your bodies natural response the medication. Know that it could come, keep your doctor aware of what you are taking so that she can stay on top of it and you. When it comes time, be sure to wean down. I'd never taken pain meds, they really didn't help, nothing did, so I decided to just stop taking them. BIG MISTAKE, ended up in the ER sick as a dog not realizing it was withdrawls. NO ONE warned me about stopping the pain meds, yikes. Just keep being honest with yourself and your doctor and you'll pull yourself through this. Look at what you have already overcome. Kudos to you!

God Speed!

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