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Info on palpable mass on ovary found but does not show up on Ultrasound?

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I had a rather large palpable mass found on my ovary yet went in for the ultrasound transvaginal and radiologist report said was not seen, yet I have fibroid cysts in my uterus. My mother had breast cancer so I am wondering about this and requested I be seen by a gynecologist oncologist. Am I over reacting?? Thanks so much.

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Ask your GYN for pelvic CT scan and blood test (CA125).
Because of your family history you may also want to do genetic testing (BRCA1/BRCA2).

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I agree with Alexandra's advice! Please keep us posted.

Take care,

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Here is what my ob/gyn friend told me: "Ultrasound is not a good diagnostic tool for ovarian cancer." Indeed, two gyn's told me I had a large fibroid, when it was a large ovarian tumor. I second the advice to get a CT and CA-125 test.

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