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Onco office visit is done

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Couldn`t understand why I was seeing him since I saw another onco in practice I told him insurance will pay for you not her now.lol I am now back on the brand name femara do to the side effects. Now they want to give me denosumab. It seems to be the same like Zometa.Now come the mammo on thursday. Plus the new onco wants a dexa scan for my bones since now I have been told I have osteoporosis.Thank to every one that came on the bus

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I get the once a month xgeva (denosumab) injection and I love it!. I was on zometa but I hated the IV infusion that took about 1 1/2 hrs. With denosumab, I get my little subQ shot and am out of there. Love it, love it. Also, because the xgeva doesn't have the renal (kidney) side effects, that is also one less thing to worry about.

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Hi Jerseygirl,

It is always good to have a baseline bone density scan. You will know how good or bad they are, if they are in the normal range, osteopenia or osteoporosis especially when you are on an aromatase inhibitor. Mine had improved after I began using a bisphosphonate. Then I developed uveitis due to that substance and no longer can use any bone strengthener.

Now I won't do any dexa scan as I don't need or want to know. I am now off AI's at this point in time and I don't believe that Faslodex works on the bone's in the manner that aromatase inhibitors do.

Wishing you the best,


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Dumb question: At what age should I start getting a bone density scan done? I'm 43 but so far nobody has mentioned that yet.

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Kristin N
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NO question on here is dumb. I just wish I had an answer for you. I am not sure what age they start the bone density test. Good question!

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Alexis F
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Wishing you good luck on Femara and good luck with your mammo and dexa scan.

Hugs, Lex

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