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Hospice Called In

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My wife's three battle is coming to and end. She fought so hard to live life her way, and I am content and happy that I was able to help her do it. There is no more chemo. There is no more surgery, no more radiation, no more healthy eating, no more. Just the family, love, and helping her as she helped so many others in her life.

She summed up her life very neatly, "I talk to people. That's all I do"

I've been bombarded with the "You're not giving up are you?" question. And the CTCA's commercial runs 10 times per day here, so everyone asks did you try? No we didn't give up over 3 years of continuous treatment, tried so new protocols, and at the end her CEA was 37000.

I will be posting on the caregiviber site for now on.

So Worried
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Bless you as you go through this difficult time. Wishing for a miracle. God bless you in the days ahead. My prayers are with you two.

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What a lovely tribute to your wife. It sounds like you are both at peace with her decision. I pray for some beautiful time together. Please feel free to continue to post here as a caregiver. I have been on this site as a caregiver for the past 3.5 years.

Thinking of you both and saying a prayer.


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Hoping you find peace, sending prayers and hugs your way.

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You and your Wife are in my thoughts and prayers.
In the Light,

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I don't think here4life would mind me teliing that his wife lost her battle about a week ago. Please keep their family in your prayers.


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Thank you for updating us. It is always hard to hear of such loss and my thoughts will be with her family tonight.


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Peace to you. What a great couple. God bless you.

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So sorry to read this.


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I am very sorry to hear that your wife's battle with cancer is ending...on the other hand, I am happy because she doesn't deserve any more sufferings. There is a huuuuge difference between the quantity of life and the quality of life. I wish you to be very strong. This will not be easy, but she'll always love you, and will never leave you. She'll be there for you always. Ask her! She'll promise that! And she'll keep it...and this because you also gave her love and support!
Please peek in sometimes and let us know how you and your wife is doing! We'll be here...for her...for you....always!


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