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Joined: Jul 2012

I will be having lap partial neph in am at 730 just asking for your thoughts and prayers. when i get back home I will update. Thanks so much for your encouragement.

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You have them Brea! Make sure you get back here and let us know about your success!!!

Godspeed. . .

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Glad to see you are getting this over with sooner than later. Tomorrow will not be a fun day, but each day will get better after that. When you wake up your membership in the club will be waiting.


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Good luck Brea. Use the pain meds and start gentle walking when you can. Come back soon and continue your story.

Iceman, while you're here, what's your appraisal of WhatNext so far? Have you been recently; if so, have you seen any changes?

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Good luck with your final test to complete your initiation. I just want to know if you send your $3.76 for your official beaney? It should be worn for 13 days and nights. Once removed, you recieve your Captain Kidney membership card. You are then entitled to all privilges including pain, sleepless nights, clinical trials and most importantly, continued love and support from fellow lodge members. We'll take care of your application form and fees. Your job is to just get better until your beaney arrives. Best wishes with your procedure. Fox

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My wife is 5 days in after a full removal and is doing great. The first couple of days are tough, but things get much better afterwards.

You are in our prayers!

Tom and Holly

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Hi Brea,

You are probably in recovery by now, but I wanted to add my well wishes to those of everyone else. Take it easy for a few days, walk as soon as you can and build up a little each day. It is very important to stay hydrated so drink plenty of water, it is very beneficial to the recovery and healing process. You will be feeling much better very soon and should be looking forward to many years of telling people about the time when you "HAD" cancer. Hang in there and keep us posted.



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By the time you get this you should be well on your way to recovery. They WILL eventually let you have some water. Like Gary said, drink plenty and walk as much as you can. All of your friends here are looking forward to hearing how things went.



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Hope you are having a smoot recovery

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Hoping things went well and you are on your way to a full recovery.

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