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Happy update: Cancer free + Wedding day success

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I finished my treatment for cancer in the left parotid gland and some lymph nodes on 06/22/12. The first week and a half after was horrible. But after that, each day was better. I was so scared that I would be able to make it to my wedding day.

I was able to have a wonderful wedding on August 11, 2012!!! My health was great. My taste buds were already coming back, so I was able to taste the pesto caesar salad, lasagna, dessert and cake!!! I am so thankful and I know not many see the results I have or at least at this fast pace. I am truly blessed. My doctors definitely knew of the wedding plans so he fit us in to have the PET scan the Friday before and the results the Monday before the big day. It was great news: cancer free for now. And so the wedding was a great celebration regarding the cancer and our marriage.

I want to post pictures and will as soon as I figure out how to. I want to thank everyone for the support and wonderful information posted on this forum. I want to send good thoughts to those who are still in treatment. The days will get better :)

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For your wedding day AND your PET scan results...what great and exciting news. Oh how green the grass and blue the sky is now... :)


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Pam M
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Wonderful! You have so very much to celebrate right now - thanks for sharing - I always say a joy shared is a joy doubled.

And you're doing so well with your eating now. Hoping you can keep giving us good news.

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So many things to be grateful for. This is such wonderful news and such great hope for those still in treatment. I'm so happy you were able to get your results before your wedding, that is amazing. I too finished treatment on 6/22 but I have to wait another 4 or so weeks for my PET, you give me hope. Congratulations again.

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Congrats on the weeding and the NED

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Much success on your wedding and future life together.


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Such wonderful news ! I hope you both a wonderful long life together ! And cancer free, oh my ! Enjoy life now...but stay in touch ! Warmest regards, Katie

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Enjoy each day.

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Congrats! so special when your able to med NED and be married the same week!


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Wow! Such wonderful news! Congratulatioms. Wish you a very happy long life together.


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Where's the cake? I looked all over this discussion board and can't find it. Oh Yah! Congratulations! Cancer can be held in check, like reception-crashing, totally-unwanted so-called friends, who are only interested in the cake. Where is it anyway?

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on both your wedding and the fact that you are healing so quickly...Here's to many many anniversaries in your future!!


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