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Summer almost ending

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What are your plans for rest of summer and fall. I like going the the river and relax and watch the boaters. Also enjoy me backyard and chill on my hammock if I don't fall off and look up at the sky and dream....sometimes we go at night and look at the stars and dream some more.....Val

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I had wanted to take a trip up the northern coast of California. I live in the middle. I wanted to hit some of the smaller towns, just take time and follow the road. I don't think it will happen because the person I was planning on going with has a lot of stuff going on right now. I had also wanted to spend a few days by myself in Half Moon Bay. I have never gone anywhere on my own and wanted to try to spread my wings at the ripe old age of 64. I still want to do it but I'm chicken.

I want to have at least one barbecue with family and friends. Our house is usually the gathering spot and we have get togethers every couple of months. This summer I have been preoccupied with my health and I guess I was feeling more down than I cared to admit.

I am looking forward to fall, it's my favorite season.


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2timothy1 7
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Summer is almost over. Fall is my favorite time of year. Something relaxing about it to me.
We have plans to go with our family camping Labor Day weekend by a lake. This will be our 3rd year going . Usually 6 or 7 families from our church join us. I am so looking forward to this.

Also planning a trip to Hilton head, SC . Just need to round up bout 5 ladies from church to accompany me. I so enjoy spending a few days at
The beach with some ladies. Plus the cost is divided 5 ways, so you don't break the bank. Rates for the fall are also much cheaper.

I like your idea of looking up at stars from a hammock. We sit around our campfire looking at the stars. It is very relaxing. Shawnna

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Glad to be done
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We have a seasonal campsite at a campground so we camp every weekend. Fall is my favorite time of year. We camp right up until columbos day weekend... Fall means back to school and back to work. I work at our high school and I haven't been there since my surgery in January so I am READY to go back....

I love the crisp air in the fall and apple picking.....

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We haven't been able to ride our horses all summer due to an infection they have. I'm hoping they will recover so that we can ride in the mountains before the snow flies.

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I love your plan of laying in the hammock and looking up at the stars....

I don't have any special plans for summer and fall, other than our biannual family reunion picnic the day before Labor Day. I still work full-time during the week but on the weekends, my hubby and I occupy ourselves with the "little stuff", like working in the yard (him more than me), walks in the morning before the temperature rises, driving to our favorite local ice cream parlor for an ice cream cone or fruit freeze, taking care of our cat and two of our neighborhood cats, maybe a get-together or two with friends, checking in on my parents who live close by, etc.


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I love this time of year. Next week kicks off the Great New York State Fair which signals the beginning of autumn in this area. It's full of music, food, animals, quilt shows, etc. and lots of silly fun. I'm so lucky to live in an area that is surrounded by apple orchards, vineyards, lakes and farm stands. Later in Sept. I plan to take a few days and travel to Maryland. My youngest son and his family just moved into a new house and we can't wait to visit. Like you, Val, I have to fit fun into a schedule between chemo infusions. Making the most of those "good days" is what keeps me fighting.
((((HUGS)))) Maria

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We are headed over to Toba (a small town on the water where they dive for Mikimoto pearls). We will enjoy a couple days of family relaxation on the beach and in the pool. They always serve great sashimi an seasonal food in Japanese inns. I have been home for most o the summer nursing this casted foot of mine. And I finally got it off! So, I am just pumped about getting my feet BOTH wet!

Fall in Japan is gorgeous, although September is still very hot. So, It doens't really feel like fall until then. On a side note my college son has decided to take a semester off to hlep me out. I am so happy to have him home. He is a huge help!


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your cast is off in time for you to enjoy some summer. It's also great about your son. You must have raised him right!


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I had a few things planned. Tickets for Broadway music outdoors and a Pirate game. Now I am in the hospital and have to change chemos so things will have to change a little. We do have a golf trip planned for Oct and I am hopeful I can at least work that into the chemo schedule.

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