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I ve been having problems with my PEG, nothing serious just annoying, everything I eat seems to wind up in the tube, is there supposed to be clamp? Seems like that would make a difference.

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It's two or three inches out from where it goes into my belly. I know they make several different styles of PEGS, but had no clue they'd have some without clamps. My clamp comes undone regularly, and stuff gets in there.

Even when you aren't using it, you're supposed to flush it daily...doing that will at least help keep it clean.


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jim and i
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Jim has had two different tubes, neither had clamps. He just flushes it in the am and pm and lets it go. Never had a problem.


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I had two PEG’s, each had a clamp (as Phrannie said). There can be junk in the tube at any time (least resistance, gravity), just remember to flush regularly.

Have fun and PEG on.



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Bit of advice based on Lessons Learned. If you have a clamp the make certain to move it around very time you use it otherwise you will eventually weaken the spot and start a leak.

Don't worry about food in the tube, just flush after each use and even then you will get the "stuff" stuck in the tube.

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I agree with greend. Good advice about moving the clamp around. I've had both types. Currently, I do not have a clamp. You definitely will weaken the tube in the spot where the clamp is if you don't move it around.

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D Lewis
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Even with a clamp, you can get backflow into the tube. I managed to eat some red jello at one point, but then I scared myself when I saw the red tube.


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Pouring beer through it doesn't clean it up either but you don't care as much.



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My peg had a clamp but it wasn't one that could be moved around to any other spot. Anyway I always made sure to clamp it but whatever I ate by mouth ended up back flowing anyhow. Just remember to flush it regularly and you shouldn't have any problems.

Kent Cass
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No clamp for mine, as they didn't invent the clamps until early in the 20th Century, LOL. And, yes, I pretty much always had liquid showing in the first couple inches of tube near the entry point.


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normal stuff for us with no clamps :)


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