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onc appointment update

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Hello Dearhearts

I am home from my onc appointment with both positive news and not so positive news.

First, the onc does not believe that I have an abscess. Hooray! I did not think so either, but given all the pain, who knew.
She explained that the pocket of fluid is not totally abnormal. She said that it was such a big operation and she had to do a lot of scraping tumor and such, that my lymph system is still way out of wack. She did say that if I develope any new symptoms such as fever, chills, vomiting or pain that becomes worse than it is, to call right away because it is possible that she is wrong. She feels strongly though that there is no infection right now. So I guess it's just have patience and be watchful of changing symptoms.

Second, as far as receiving blood transfusions, she is not big on the idea. She said that it is my choice. If I choose, I can get admitted now and receive blood. There are always risks when being transfused. I have had many many transfusions with no adverse issues, but there is always a first time. She said that she would hate to give me more problems than I already have. Okay, but I still feel so awful.

So the plan right now is to see how I feel and how well I can manage the effects of not enough blood. My regular doc is out of town till Monday, although he does call me every night to see how I am and to help with adjusting pain med doses. He's a great guy!
Anyway, hubby and I will try to see if I can hold off on receiving blood. I would prefer to not get any, plus getting an i.v. to work for any length of time is a real challenge for me. We will let the reg doc handle transfusions if I still want or need them either by Monday or before that if necessary.

So I will take it day by day and see how bad the symptoms become. Hopefully they will not get worse. Right now they are pretty bad. I am dizzy and get off balance a lot. I am not able to do much of anything right now, except rest. The onc said that even if my counts were normal, I still would not be able to do much, since the surgery was such a big deal.

As far as the pain control, I am working daily with my reg doc to find the best combination or dose that will give me the best pain relief. Both the onc and the reg doc feel that I must control the pain before I am able to really heal.

So for now, I will be at home and just rest. Same thing I have been doing everyday.. I will try to drink more and eat more too. That part will be hard. But I will try..
Hubby and I will be aware of any changes and just take it day by day or hour by hour if need be.

Thank you all for your continued words of support. I really feel the love and care you are sending me daily.
I hope and pray that all of you have easy days and that you are without pain!
You all are so very important to me and are imbedded in my life beyond measure.

Huge hugs to all

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Bless your heart Lisha, I really hope you start feeling better soon.

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Thank you, I sure hope I start to feel better soon.
How are you doing? Are you still housebound?
Time does heal most everything, but it sure is hard doing the time.
I hope that you are spending lots and lots of quality cuddle time with your little one.
I had my little graddaughter over for a bit last evening, and the cuddles were the best, even though I was wiped out after they left. The visit was so worth it.

hugs to you

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I receivied a huge amount of blood over a period of a week following an accident years ago. Manditory HIV testing of the blood supply had just begun months before, so I was ok (negative) on that, but Hep-c was not even a known disease at that time; it was referred to an "non-a, non-b." I just finally had a hep-c test two weeks ago, and thankfully it was negative.

But, the amount of the transfusion did cause an acute liver problem, and I turned pumpkin-colored for about two days (or a little longer). My mom said that when she wiped my forehead at the time, the cloth turned yellow... At first they thought I had liver failure, but the doc said later that the liver was just "gummed up" from so much blood.

From that, I would myself receive blood, but only in clear medical necessity. I would require at least that the two docs agree on the suitablility of receiving.

May the right choice be made, and may you at last have a little string of good luck !


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I've got out the last few days, the antibiotics finally kicked in Tuesday night so ive been taking kit to the park and keeping busy before they hit me with the stuff on Friday. I'll find out in a few hours where my counts are for this round and hope my doc will give me something to keep them up. Kit starts kidegarden 2 weeks from today and if my counts aren't in order I don't know if I can send her to the Petrie dish wich will break both our hearts, she's so exited to start school. I hope you start feeling better soon and thanks for asking about me, I appreciate it. Aaron

miss maggie
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Dear Lisha,

You write so beautifully and precise. Explaining everything in such detail. Thank you for
keeping all of us updated.

Your regular doctor sounds wonderful, calling you every evening. I certainly hope there is
no infection or abscess as your oncologist stated. That would be good news.

I pray as each day goes by, the pain lessons and you start feeling stronger. If you can
try and eat some food that is high in calories. Maybe a two hours at a time. Rather than
eating a few times a day.

As always, sending prayers and blessings for better days. Love Maggie

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Hi Dear Lisha,
I know I say this a lot but I'm constantly thinking about you and how you are feeling. I really do hope that the pain goes away, surprising what people can wish for...we just want to live without pain (me included) simple little things that can make all the difference in the world. Take care and always praying for you and other friends here at the board. ((((HUGE HUGS))))


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Hey Lisha, take it a day at a time..... keep fighting Vinny

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