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Victory for Cisplatin

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Tina Brown
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Well after my moaning about the side effects of Cisplatin I have had an amazing result. My CA125 was around 900 before and after only 1 treatment it has dropped to 342. I don't think its been as low as that for well over a year. Plus results from my recent CT scan shows all cells, soft tissue tumour and fluid have all shrunk.

I reported to my Oncologist about my terrible vomitting and nausea and she has given me a stronger anti-sickness table. I think its called Prepitant. You take one an hour before chemo and then one on day 2 & day 3. So I am hoping they work for me next time. The reason for the bad side effects are due to Cisplatin being stronger than Carboplatin. They try not to give it because of that reason, but when someone is allergic to Carboplatin then they give Cisplatin. I told her I don't mind the side effects now because it is kicking "Cancer's ***!!!!!"

Tina xxxxx

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I'm thrilled to hear of such wonderful results. I, also, was switched to cisplatin after developing an allergy to carbo. The cisplatin has worked very well for me also. It's kept me stable for over two years and my tumors shrunk by 2/3s. I'll keep up this regiment as long as it's working, but I must say it's a rough haul.
((((HUGS)))))). Maria

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Glad to be done
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Oh Tina that is fantastic news and what a huge plunge in your number... YAY.... I am so sorry you have to deal with the nasty side effects but it is working.... I hope this new anti nausea med works better for you..... Keep fighting the good fight.....

My taxol was starting to giv me neuropathy after my 5th treatment so she was gonna cut it down some for my last one.. I told her know... Tingling feet won't kill me but ovca will...

I am soooo happy for you. Congrats

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I hope your numbers continue to plummet. Cisplatin is tough but thank God it works so well. I hope you feel better with the new meds.


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I'm so happy that you've had such a significant drop in your numbers! And I'm hoping and praying that the new anti-sickness med does the trick too!


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Keep on keepin' on, Tina! And keep those numbers coming down!



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kimberly sue 63
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good to hear Tina...I know you have had some tough times with knocking that cancer down. It is great to hear you are on top of it !!!Kim

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Tina this is great news! We have the same anti-nausea drug over here, it should work for you. Your numbers are great, you really deserve a break I can't wait to hear about your next big drop in ca125 .

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I am so glad you are getting such a good response from cisplatin! Can you get some extra IV fluids during the week of your treatment?

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