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Praise the Lord

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I'm so happy I could cry. My dad was diagnosed almost exactly a year ago today with diffuse large b cell Non Hodgkins Lymphoma stage 3 progressing quickly to 4. My dad had 6 r chops ( after the 3rd one it went away and immediately came back). He then had 3 rice treatments which didn't work at all. On his 58th birthday(April 11th) he had a stem cell transplant. He's been healing from that. About a month ago he was told it worked on only half of his body and that his still had cancer in his chest area. He was sent to a radiologist and they said it was too dangerous to treat because it was to close to his heart and lungs. Doctors were confused on why the area in his chest didn't respond to treatment. Last week on wed he had a biopsy on the lymph nodes is his chest. Today we got the amazing news that what is in his chest is called granuloma and is not malignant. They still want to do another stem cell transplant using his sister as a donor in a few months. All I have to say is TRUST IN JESUS!! I hope this gives other hope.

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When the Lord closes a door, He opens a window. Sounds like Dad's first SCT was autologous and his next will be allogenic?

miss maggie
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What a relief. We have to remember, sometimes things are not what they seem. Still scary until we get the final results.

God Bless. Love Maggie

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That is good news!
I'm very glad for you both :).



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Hi trustinJesus,
Thank God that everything is working out for your dad and you! Hope he keeps doing good...your story sounds very similar to dadysgirl. She is going through some hard stuff right now...maybe you can offer some advise! You take care and please keep us posted on the following SCT. Sending positive thoughts your way!


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Thanks for all the comments. I have been reading dadysgirl post and they are very similar. I will comment on her post and hopefully it will give her hope. Thanks again. Keep on praying!

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